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Ermenrich Measuring Tools

Ermenrich measuring tools are suitable for many different situations – repair work in an apartment or in a country house, checking equipment or controlling gas leaks, or even orienting on the terrain when camping and tracking game when hunting. The brand offers a variety of tools for hobbies and work – laser rangefinders, tape measures, moisture and gas detectors as well as laser levels and much more. The wide product range makes it easy to find the right tool for any task.

Night-Vision Devices
Construction rangefinders
Tape measures
Laser levels
Automatic optical levels
Nondestructive testing devices
Digital levels and angle finders
Stud detectors
Moisture meters (moisture detectors)
Electrical measuring tools
Measuring wheels
Environmental meters
Network testing tools

History of the brand

Engineer Ulrich Hessmer has spent years working for a prominent German company specializing in construction equipment. In 2020, he suffered a personal tragedy and had to move to Munich to start a new life. He fully devoted himself to work and founded Ermenrich, pouring all of his energy and extensive construction experience into development.

One of his first orders came from a famous optical equipment company seeking to develop a laser rangefinder. The project was successful and so the companies continued their collaboration. Ulrich Hessmer received steady financing to launch a research and development center as well as sales channels across the world.

Fascinated by the history of Ancient Rome, Mr. Hessmer named his company after the Ostrogothic king Ermanaric (Hermanaricus), who, in the fourth century AD, built the strongest country on what is now the territory of Central Europe. The period of Ermanaric’s reign (c. 350–375) saw a vast flourishing of culture, economic growth, and the improvement of the standard of living. Historians and archaeologists call this period “Ermanaric’s Era”.

Today, Ermenrich’s portfolio includes over 150 models of measuring instruments.
The immediate plans include the production of power tools and accessories on a
standard battery platform.