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20 new Levenhuk products: optical devices with reticles, binoculars with ED optics, and spotting scopes


Dear customers and visitors,

The Levenhuk product range has been expanded with new product lines of scopes for hunting, sports, outdoor activities, and territory protection. The optics of all the new products are fully coated to produce bright and high-contrast images. There is a wide range of optical devices for any purpose – binoculars, spotting scopes, and monoculars.

Levenhuk Camo devices have a camouflage design, which helps you remain concealed in nature when observing. Levenhuk Camo compact field binoculars on roof prisms and Levenhuk Camo monoculars with large aperture lenses are now available. The devices have reticles and range-finding scales, enabling you not only to observe distant objects, but also to take various measurements. The high-strength plastic bodies are water-resistant and have tripod threads. The Levenhuk Wise PLUS line also features a monocular model with reticles and scales.


Levenhuk Camo spotting scopes also come in a camo design for staying unnoticed in open spaces. Outdoor naturalists will highly appreciate them. The devices are also suitable for hunting trips and territory protection. Some of the features of the spotting scopes are the variable magnification of 16–48x, high-strength ABS-plastic body, and the metal table tripod included in the kit. The straight eyepiece allows you to view objects below the observer more easily, e.g., when observing from a tower.


The Levenhuk Nitro product line features both field and travel binoculars. They are all based on roof prisms. They are also waterproof and nitrogen-filled to prevent the lenses from fogging up. These binoculars are a reliable tool for athletes, hikers, and extreme sports fans. Available in 8, 10, and 12x magnification. The bodies of the binoculars are made of ABS plastic and have tripod threads.

The Levenhuk Nitro ED line of binoculars will please even the most demanding users who are looking for superior image quality. The lenses here are made of ED-glass with extra low dispersion, which ensures maximum image sharpness without chromatic aberrations. Otherwise, the product line is identical to the previous one – waterproof, nitrogen-filled, high-strength body, the possibility of mounting the device on a standard tripod. There are four field models with various magnifications.

All Levenhuk optics are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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