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In this section, you will find weather stations, thermometers, hygrometers, and other meteorological technology for city apartments and country houses. The product range includes models for home and professional use. Many devices are equipped with remote sensors, but sensors can also be purchased separately. There are also useful smart home tools, e.g. thermoprobes.

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Digital and mechanical weather stations are accurate and safe measuring tools. They are used for monitoring climate at home (temperature and humidity) as well as following atmospheric pressure changes. Weather stations also will come in handy in a workshop or at the office. Modern weather stations with outdoor sensors can also keep track of weather and provide data online. Mechanical weather stations work indoors and use traditional measuring tools including an aneroid (liquidless) barometer, hygrometer, alcohol thermometer, and electro-mechanical watch.

If you have to buy the best weather station, first of all, consider a selection of its functions. It is the one that determines the general utility of the device, which will make it possible to use it daily. Thus, the models are capable of displaying ambient humidity and temperature. Measured outdoor parameters also include ultraviolet light intensity, atmospheric pressure value and probability of certain precipitation. Some weather stations may display a weather forecast. Models are also equipped with built-in classic and lunar calendars, a clock and a timer. For user convenience, most home weather stations are equipped with wireless high precision sensors. Bodies of devices are made of strong materials to ensure a long service life. Power is supplied by various sources: batteries, grid or a USB-cable from a PC/notebook. In addition, there are autonomous models and models charged by light. Levenhuk is an online shop where you can buy a weather station, having chosen among a wide selection of equipment assessing multiple environmental parameters.