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A large update of Levenhuk magnifiers in Gem, Handy, Lamp, Refit, and Read series


The Levenhuk Company introduces more new magnifiers. Recently, new series and twelve first models were announced, and now more than 35 models are available. Do not miss interesting new products!

Levenhuk Zeno Handy

Levenhuk Zeno Handy series includes classic viewing handheld magnifiers. Some of them feature illumination, while other models use bifocal lenses. These magnifiers feature glass or plastic optics. These models have different magnification and, therefore, you will easily choose an appropriate optical instrument.

Levenhuk Zeno Read series also introduces brand new models. These handheld optical tools have rectangular lenses and LED lights. They are perfect for studying drafts, maps, documents, or newspapers:

Levenhuk Zeno Refit

Levenhuk Zeno Refit series is of special interest. These optical tools are optimal for working in a workshop. The lenses are installed in metal frames that have many degrees of freedom; holders allow for reliably and practically fixating plates, construction elements, and instruments. Some models are equipped with illumination.

Levenhuk Zeno Refit ZF7 Holder comes in useful for fixating small details and mechanisms in a working area under the magnifier’s lens.

Levenhuk Zeno Gem

The magnifiers in the Levenhuk Zeno Gem series are designed using triplet technology especially for jewelry or watch repair works. These compact folding magnifiers feature the glass optics and come in plastic cases.

Levenhuk Zeno Lamp

Tabletop magnifiers-lamps provide for convenient work with small items and reading at magnification. These optical tools are useful in everyday life as well as in professional activity. Magnifiers have a large field of view and are equipped with lights and provide various magnification.

Find all Levenhuk magnifiers in this section. Keep in mind that all the optical instruments by this brand carry a lifetime warranty.

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