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A new Zoom'n'Joy store is opened in Funchal


Dear visitors and customers,

We have some great news for you! We are excited to introduce a new Zoom’n’Joy store in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. We have chosen the capital of Madeira Archipelago, Funchal for locating our new store because it isn’t just a capital of this region but also a major tourist town with hotels, a port, and an international airport. This location will enable us to deliver goods from our local warehouse throughout the country as conveniently and quickly as possible. We are excited to expand the chain of Zoom’n’Joy stores!

Zoom’n’Joy is an online store and a network of brick and mortar stores selling optical devices and instruments. In our stores, you can check out the goods to your liking. Our shop assistants are always ready to consult you about products and special offers. We have a rich selection of high-quality optical equipment by world-famous optics manufacturers, such as Levenhuk, Bresser, Meade, and others. In the Zoom’n’Joy store, you can easily choose tourist binoculars, a school or laboratory microscope, a telescope for astronomy observations, and much more.

Contact details:

Zoom’n’Joy store in Funchal
Rua das Pretas 88
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 10 am–5 pm
Tel.: +351 924 485850


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