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An interesting video on what can be seen in a drop of water from a big city lake through an advanced microscope


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If you are interested in exploring the world around us, specifically the micro world, check out this interesting video that was recently published at MAD SCIENCEen YouTube channel.

Mad scientists took a trip to a big city lake to take water samples to observe through an advanced microscope model that happened to be a Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope. The water seemed quite clear to the naked eye but imagine their surprise as they explored all the variety of different creatures that were living in it. You will also see some ready-to-use samples from the Levenhuk N38 NG Prepared Slides Set.

Levenhuk 870T is a high-end microscope with a maximum magnification of 2000x that is commonly used for clinical research in dermatology, biochemistry, cytology, hematology, and other scientific studies. The model allows for observations in both bright and dark field modes. The trinocular head design allows you to turn the instrument into a digital one by attaching an eyepiece digital camera.

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