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Big update to the Levenhuk Ra product line


Dear customers,

We are happy to inform you about the Levenhuk Ra product line extension. Now, you can choose from even more telescopes, optical tubes, and accessories. Check out our new items!


Levenhuk Ra FT72 ED PhotoScope is an apochromatic refractor with a helical focuser that provides high drive accuracy. Together with low-dispersion optics, it delivers extremely sharp and high contrast images of the night sky. This device can be used as a regular telescope for direct observations. Each device is conveniently equipped with an aluminum case for storage and transportation.

Apochromatic refractors with low-dispersion optics

Made with carbon or aluminum tuber, the apochromatic refractors with a high focal ratio are an excellent aid to astrophotography. Due to the efficient reduction of chromatic aberrations, the device can deliver crisp and clear images across the entire field of view, which allows you to get spectacular images of the space. Carbon tubes are faster to thermostabilize (to be in thermal equilibrium with the environment) and, therefore, they are more suited for advanced users. Each tube comes with an aluminum case for storage and transportation.

Wide-angle eyepieces

These eyepieces are suitable for those who prefer to explore deep space objects. They are also essential for observing sky objects. The eyepieces provide a 68° field of view, are made of glass with an anti-reflective coating, and equipped with fold-down rubber eyecups. 1.25”-barrel diameter.

Eyepieces with an eye relief

The eyepieces from the Levenhuk Ra LER series make it comfortable to observe the objects at higher magnifications. Due to the long eye relief, it can cover the entire field of view. The eyepieces are made of fully- coated optics and equipped with fold-down rubber eyecups. 1.25”-barrel diameter.

Symmetrical eyepieces

The iconic eyepiece design is suitable for any type of observation. The affordable and easy-to-use eyepieces provide a decent image quality: crisp and high-contrast. Fully-coated glass; a fold-down rubber eyecup is included. 1.25”-barrel diameter.

Zoom eyepiece

This eyepiece with an adjustable focal length is an all-around type of telescope eyepiece. This is also an eyepiece of choice when there is no clear idea of what sort of space objects are going to be observed. It is equally effective and convenient to use for studying planets and star clusters. Equipped with a twist-up rubber eyecup. 1.25”-barrel diameter.

Diagonal mirrors

There are two types of models: 1.25”- and 2”-barrel diameters. They are designed to be used with refractors and mirror-lens (catadioptric) telescopes. Thanks to diagonal mirrors, pictures will not appear upside-down once you start observing terrestrial objects, even though they will be reversed left-to-right horizontally. Covered with the layer of a dielectric coating that protects the surface from oxidation (darkening over time).

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