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Levenhuk 800: changes in microscope design and its accessories


Dear customers and visitors,

We are pleased to announce new versions of the Levenhuk 850B, Levenhuk 870T, and Levenhuk D870T lab microscopes. Taking into account your feedback and wishes, we have improved them and made them more functional and convenient. We have modified the configuration, tripod design, and illumination system.

  • Each model now includes just two WF10x paired eyepieces. The linear field of view is 22mm instead of 18mm in old models.
  • The interpupillary distance range increased by 7mm, from 55–75mm to 48–75mm.
  • The revolving nosepiece is turned away from the observer so that the observer can see the working objective.
  • The size of the stage in the new models is 210x150mm instead of 140x155mm. The movement range of each horizontal axis has been increased by 5mm to 75/55mm. It is possible to fix not just one but two samples with a specimen holder.
  • The focusing knobs are now positioned slightly closer to the observer and lower so that your hands can be placed on the table while you are observing. The handle for the horizontal movement of the table is longer and easier to use than in earlier models.
  • Halogen lamps have been replaced by LED lamps that do not heat up during operation.
  • The collector easily slides out and, therefore, you can quickly replace a new bulb.

As in older models, microscopes are equipped with four objective lenses (including immersion objective with a 100x magnification), equipped with binocular or trinocular heads with a 360° rotation angle, an Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm, and a coaxial mechanism for coarse and fine focusing. You can adjust the diopters within ±5 diopters to match your eyesight. The model Levenhuk D870T comes with a digital camera with an 8MP resolution for outputting images to a PC screen.

Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope
 Levenhuk D870T 8M Digital Trinocular Microscope
Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope

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