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Levenhuk introduces two new series of laboratory microscopes: Levenhuk 320 BASE and Levenhuk 320 PLUS


We can't wait to introduce new products in our store: four microscopes in Levenhuk 320 BASE and Levenhuk 320 PLUS series. Levenhuk produced these new laboratory microscopes to replace popular models in Levenhuk 320 series. The design has been upgraded as well as microscopes' mechanics and optics.

Levenhuk 320 BASE series includes two microscopes with magnification in the range from 40x to 1000x. Levenhuk 320 BASE model is used for visual observations while Levenhuk D320L BASE 3M Digital Monocular Microscope allows for taking pictures of the micro world due to an included 3M digital camera. Both models feature installed monocular heads, which are 360° rotatable, and revolving nosepieces with four achromatic objectives. Halogen illumination with a 20W bulb is used for illuminating specimens; its brightness is adjustable. Observations are performed in the transmitted light by the brightfield or oil immersion method.

Levenhuk 320 PLUS series combined all the advantages of the Levenhuk 320 BASE series and took them to a new level. These microscopes feature higher magnification, from 40 to 1,600 times. Wide-angle eyepieces are equipped with a pointer of the center of the field, and LED illumination is powered by AC supply as well as by rechargeable batteries, which are included in the kit. This series includes two microscopes: Levenhuk 320 PLUS Biological Monocular Microscope and Levenhuk D320L PLUS 3.1M Digital Monocular Microscope model with a 3.1M camera.

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