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Levenhuk knowledge books in soft cover


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Don’t miss out on the new Levenhuk knowledge books! The books are devoted to the microworld and astronomy and will be interesting to readers over 6 years old. The first versions of these books in hard cover are available in our online store. Now, they can be purchased in soft cover. This type of cover is more convenient, for example, for trips.

  • Invisible World. Knowledge book It tells about microscopes and the microworld (bacteria, protozoa, life in a drop of water, cell structure, etc.) as well as how insects, mushrooms, sea sponges, and various objects of the surrounding world look under a microscope.
  • Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book It is devoted to telescopes and astronomy. The biggest part of the book is a story about the planets of the solar system and their satellites, comets, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae.
  • Space. Microworld. Knowledge Book 2 vol The educational books set by Levenhuk includes two books about space and the microworld.

The books include colorful illustrations as well as descriptions of interesting experiments that you can conduct at home. They are also written in simple language.

All of our knowledge books are available in our online store. To choose a book, go here.

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