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Levenhuk news: June 2022

Dear visitors and customers,

We would like to update you on the latest Levenhuk news. Over the past month, we have launched several new products and expanded our distribution network in Europe and South Africa.


  • Levenhuk will take part in EXPOMADEIRA 2022. Expomadeira is the largest business exhibition of economic activities in Madeira, where our official distributor Madeira Optics will be showcasing our products to participants and guests of the event.
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New products

  • Levenhuk Astroplanetariums. The Levenhuk Star Sky models combine unusual design solutions, rich multimedia functionality, and great usability.
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  • Levenhuk LabZZ Astroplanetariums. The Levenhuk LabZZ series has been expanded with new astroplanetariums with an amazing design — shaped as dinosaur eggs with fractures and colorful patterns.
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  • Discovery Gator 10x50. There is a detailed review of these binoculars on, where the reviewer ranks the functionality, design, and features of the model and its accessories.
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  • Discovery Scope. Discovery Scope 2 and Scope 3 are optics kits for beginners. Each set includes two or three optical tools that allow you to get a general idea of how modern optics works and to conduct your first research.
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  • Discovery Sky Trip. An overview of the fully equipped refracting telescopes for aspiring astronomers. The series includes three models of refractors: compact and easy-to-use telescopes that come with multiple accessories.
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Levenhuk around the world

Levenhuk is constantly growing and evolving by covering new territories, improving Levenhuk products and making them even better. “Levenhuk around the world” is exactly where you can find all of the most important and the most interesting news and publications about Levenhuk from all over the world.

We are happy to announce the start of cooperation with our first dealer in South Africa. Levenhuk optics is now available in one more new region!

Currently, high-quality Levenhuk optical products are already available in 42 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and South Africa.

New Levenhuk dealers in other countries

Czech Republic:
South Africa:

Thank you for your attention!

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