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Levenhuk news: November 2022

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We are pleased to share the latest news about the Levenhuk company and events around the world.


  • Levenhuk took part in Black Friday sales. Once again, our company took part in the biggest shopping events of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We hope that everyone had a chance to buy Levenhuk and Discovery optics at the best prices.
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New products

  • Levenhuk Wezzer Air. Air quality monitors are in stock now. These gadgets come in handy for everyone who wants to take care of their health. It will warn you when the CO2 level is too high. Therefore, you can control your room air quality to prevent the symptoms associated with low oxygen levels from popping up.
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  • Levenhuk Atom Digital. The Levenhuk Atom Digital series of digital NVDs and digital binoculars are officially available for purchase now. It is a digital follow-up to the very popular Levenhuk Atom product line, which offers top-quality products at affordable prices. The main advantage of these models is the built-in video recorders for high-quality photo and video recording.
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  • Levenhuk Fatum. Portable thermo vision monoculars for detecting objects in all light conditions and complete darkness. The sensor produces an image that clearly shows the hot silhouettes of wild animals and humans, industrial objects, and operating machinery. The models are small, lightweight, and feature quick access to basic settings for quick and easy operation.
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  • Discovery Spark. The first shipment of the Discovery Spark and Discovery Spark Travel telescopes has been delivered to Europe. These are the models with anti-reflective optics and rich functionality. Each telescope comes with the colorful book of knowledge, “Space. Not-Empty Emptiness” — a comprehensive guide to the astronomical objects that can be observed through the telescope.
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  • Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G1 head magnifier. A new video review on the head magnifier that gives an overview of the model. The head magnifier combines the features of conventional glasses and magnifying glasses — with 20x magnification and built-in lights that enable you to work even in low-light environments.
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Levenhuk around the world

Levenhuk is constantly growing and evolving by covering new territories, improving Levenhuk products and making them even better. “Levenhuk around the world” is exactly where you can find all of the most important and the most interesting news and publications about Levenhuk from all over the world.

Currently, high-quality Levenhuk optical products are already available in 42 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa.

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