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Levenhuk Wezzer PLUS Weather Stations with color display and Wi-Fi connection


Dear customers and visitors,

we are pleased to introduce new weather stations from the Levenhuk brand with color displays and multifunctional remote sensors. With the Levenhuk Wezzer PLUS LP140 Weather Station and Levenhuk Wezzer PLUS LP150 Weather Station, you can measure air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, amount and intensity of precipitation, wind speed, and wind gusts. In addition, the LP150 Weather Station has two unique functions: measuring light intensity and ultraviolet index. All of the parameters have comfort values. If those are exceeded, warnings are displayed on the screen.

The stations measure additional weather parameters that are important for well-being and useful when planning the day. These are the dew point, heat index, and wind chill index. There are also comfort indicators, and the station notifies you if they are exceeded. If the air temperature drops below 1°C, an ice warning will appear on the screen.

The stations are compact in size and perfect for use in an apartment or a house. They can also be used on sports fields or in manufacturing. The weather station main module is set up on a horizontal surface (on a table, chest of drawers) indoors, and the sensor is installed outdoors.

A full range of Levenhuk weather stations is available in our online store.

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