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MAGUS professional microscopes


Dear customers and visitors,

Levenhuk is happy to announce MAGUS – an expert brand of microscopes. MAGUS microscopes are intended for professional users in medicine, metallography, geology, veterinary science, and other areas. We offer over a hundred models that include biological, luminescent, inverted, metallographic, polarization, and stereoscopic microscopes along with their accessories and attachments.

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The MAGUS team (Levenhuk Company unit) has thirty years of experience in the microscopy and we spent a year and a half developing exclusive quality scientific devices for professional users. The optics and lighting system of MAGUS microscopes make it possible to achieve the maximum resolution with every lens. They also guarantee field of vision lighting homogeneity. These instruments have great ergonomics and premium service provided by our company.

With its precision, convenience, and reliability, MAGUS is the choice for those picky about even smallest details.

WOW Style

Every aspect of the brand, from the idea to packaging, is designed to provide you with a product that performs efficiently and looks elegant and stylish.

Advanced service

Microscope test drive – you can take your preferred microscope to your facility and test it before purchasing in order to experience the microscope’s high quality and applicability to your tasks

Frozen price – we freeze a price for you for up to a six-month period so you can avoid the potential risks related to changes in the currency rates.

Courtesy microscope – during the repair of your microscope, we will provide you with another microscope for free so your work won’t be interrupted.

Showrooms – in our offices in Europe, the US, and the Middle East, you can discuss your goals with MAGUS experts and explore a whole MAGUS microscopes range.

Stable stock – the stock maintained at warehouses is refilled on a regular basis to guarantee constant availability of all microscopes as well as additional components.

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