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More than 30 new products in the MAGUS Stereo line!


Don’t miss the update of the MAGUS line: Four stereoscopic microscopes and a large number of accessories are now available! New products include universal stands, focus mounts, eyepieces with diopter adjustment, darkfield condenser, polarization device, illuminators, auxiliary objective lenses, and C-mount adapters.

Stereoscopic microscopes

The new products feature binocular and trinocular models. All of them are equipped with LED illuminators for transmitted and reflected light, work in brightfield as standard, but also support options for working in polarized light and darkfield methods. Greenough optical design.

Microscope heads

The microscope head consists of a zoom objective as well as a binocular or trinocular tube. The Greenough optical design is complete with a pair of 10x eyepieces with diopter adjustment.

Universal stands with focus mounts

The stereomicroscope stand is responsible for positioning the microscope head above the workbench. It provides several degrees of freedom, and it can rotate or be balanced by a counterweight. To mount the microscope head on a stand, it is placed in the ring of the focus mount, and the mechanism itself is secured to the stand. A mounting pin may be needed to align the stand and the focus mount.

Eyepieces with diopter adjustment

All of the new eyepieces are designed specifically for stereoscopic microscopes and have diopter adjustment. The difference between the models is their magnification and field of view. One eyepiece is equipped with a measuring scale. Eyepiece diameter: 30mm.

C-mount adapters and auxiliary objective lenses

Using C-mount adapters, a digital camera is mounted on the microscope. This adapter is fixed in the tube of the MAGUS trinocular microscope. The adapters’ own magnification is 0.5x or 1x. The focal length can be adjusted.

Auxiliary objective lenses with a magnification of 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x. They serve to change the magnification, working distance, and field of view of a stereomicroscope.

Illuminators, mechanical stage, and devices for various contrast methods

For more precise positioning of the specimen under the objective, a two-axis mechanical stage can be installed on the base of the stereomicroscope. It comes with two specimen holders, a main measuring scale, and a vernier scale. Suitable for transmitted and reflected light.

Additional illuminators expand the capabilities of a stereomicroscope’s lighting system, thereby allowing you to achieve the shadows that are necessary for research or cutting off spurious reflections.

The capabilities of a stereomicroscope can be expanded by additional devices for working in polarized light and in the darkfield method. The darkfield condenser should be accompanied by a gem clip to securely hold the samples.

All MAGUS microscopes and accessories are available here.

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