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New arrivals of Ermenrich Reel tape measures


Dear customers and visitors,

We are pleased to announce the addition of 12 new models to our product range as a part of the Ermenrich Reel series. Shop new arrivals!

Laser meters with tape measures
Two new products are 2-in-1 devices. They combine the functionality of a laser meter with a measuring range of up to 40 meters and a tape measure with a 5-meter tape. The laser allows you to take high-precision measurements, and the tape measure with a single-sided scale and magnetic hook comes in handy whenever you need to take measurements quickly. Both models are an excellent choice for construction and repair work, and they can also be used at home. The tapes are made of brushed steel and the cases are made of ABS plastic.

Classic models of tape measures
This is the most popular type of tape measure and can be used for both domestic and professional purposes. These measuring tapes are made of steel, and they are self-locking with a single-sided scale. The case is made of durable ABS-plastic.

Surveyor’s tape measures
This is a special type of tape measure that is used in land surveying – plastic cases, ergonomic hand cranks, and sharp spikes for securing the tool in the ground. The tape is made of stretch-resistant fiberglass material and the cases are made of ABS plastic. A side hand crank with a self-locking mechanism is used for rolling the tape back into the case. There is a double-sided scale.

Multi-purpose fiberglass tape measures
This fiberglass tape measure in a plastic disk-type case an excellent choice for any kind of measurement. Each model has a folding side hand crank for rolling the tape back to the case and an ergonomic thermoplastic rubber grip cover. The scale is double-sided, and the tape comes with a large end hook.

A tape measure section is available at this link.

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