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New: Levenhuk Camo laser rangefinders for hunting


Dear customers and visitors,

We are happy to introduce you to two new products in our range: laser rangefinders in camouflage patterns, designed for use at medium and long distances. Both products are part of the Levenhuk Camo series.

Levenhuk Camo laser rangefinders are excellent companions for camping, hunting, security, and sports. They have 6x optics housed in durable ABS plastic bodies that allow you to measure three quantities: distance (height and horizontal range), horizontal and vertical angles between two points, and the speed of a moving target. There are two operating modes: single measurement and continuous scanning. There is a flagpole capture function and slope compensation.

The rangefinders can be mounted on a tripod and require a single battery to operate. Levenhuk Camo rangefinders are capable of taking up to 5,000 measurements without replacing the battery.

All Levenhuk rangefinders are available here.

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