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New: Levenhuk Guard Rangefinder Binoculars with a target priority function


Dear visitors and customers,

Levenhuk has launched its new Levenhuk Guard binoculars, two models with built-in rangefinder with a target-priority function. The binoculars of the product line are ideal for solving a wide range of tasks on a hunt, hike, or territory patrol. They are great for any observation and terrain measurements.

Levenhuk Guard binoculars are 8x field models with a wide field of view and high aperture. A key feature of the built-in rangefinder is the target-priority function, i.e., the ability to select a short-range or, on the contrary, a long-range object as your preferred measurement target. In this case, the device will ignore visual noise and focus on the background or forefront objects, thus the overall accuracy and speed of measurements will increase. All the binoculars of this series can measure straight and horizontal distance to the target and calculate terrain angles. Two operating modes are available: a single distance measurement mode and a scan mode.

The models of the product line are equipped with rangefinders with different working distances:

The full range of Levenhuk binoculars is available in this section.

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