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New Levenhuk Halo Digital Night Vision Devices


Dear customers and visitors,

Don’t miss the great renewal of the assortment! Levenhuk Halo digital night vision devices for the first time on sale! Now, this new product line includes three models: the monocular, binoculars, and binoculars with Wi-Fi.

The Levenhuk Halo digital night vision devices eliminate glare. They can be used for observations not only in complete darkness, but also at dusk and in the daytime. They can be used for daytime observations, just like ordinary binoculars. During the day, they render colored image, but at night it will be black and white, and the viewing radius will be 200 meters. To increase the clarity and contrast of the image, the built-in IR illumination is recommended. It has a brightness adjustment and allows the device to adapt to the observation conditions.

All of the Levenhuk Halo digital night vision devices feature a built-in recorder that shoots videos, takes photos, and saves them to a memory card. The devices feature a drip-proof body with a 1/4” thread. The digital night vision devices are powered by AA batteries that provide up to 10 hours of continuous operation.

The Levenhuk Halo 13x Wi-Fi digital night vision binoculars have an additional feature. This is Wi-Fi that makes it possible to control the device using a smartphone or tablet. A free mobile application is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Using this app, you can control the brightness of the backlight, take photos and record videos, and conveniently organize your saved files.

Please note that Levenhuk Halo digital night vision devices have a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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