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New microscopes in the Levenhuk DTX series: DTX 700 LCD and DTX 700 Mobi


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We are excited to inform you about an extension of the Levenhuk DTX series: two new models DTX 700 LCD and DTX 700 Mobi are already available. The main difference from the other models in the series is a digital zoom, which allows for increasing magnification up to 1200x. In addition, both models feature a built-in polarizing filter, which reduces glare when studying shiny objects. Both microscopes can be used for observing various non-transparent specimens, including insects, minerals, sections of metal, etc.

Levenhuk DTX 700 LCD is equipped with a non-rotatable LCD screen and a 5MP digital sensor. The microscope uses LED light, which is powered by a battery or AC power supply. The software allows for recording videos and capturing pictures of the studied specimens. If necessary, the microscope can be connected to external devices: a TV, monitor, computer, etc.

Levenhuk DTX 700 Mobi features the same capabilities as Levenhuk DTX 700 LCD, but it is a more compact and lightweight model. It comes with a rotatable LCD screen and, therefore, this microscope is convenient to use for examining small objects located in hard to access places. This model is excellent for conducting research outside of a laboratory or a workshop.

You can find all of the Levenhuk DTX microscopes in this section.

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