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New products by Levenhuk: magnifiers for reading, needlework, or jewelry


We are excited to introduce new Levenhuk magnifiers. There are models for reading, professional activities, handheld or on a stand, and lamp magnifiers. New magnifiers help in performing any tasks.

Many magnifiers with various magnifications come in a new Levenhuk Zeno Handy series. The series includes handheld viewing magnifiers with different options: with light, bifocal lenses, plastic, or glass optics.

Levenhuk Zeno Refit is another new series of magnifiers. These optical instruments come on metal tripods and are ideal for soldering microcircuits, assembling models, and repairing watches. The magnifiers are equipped with holders with clamps and some models feature light. Now, only one model is available, but the range of models will expand soon.

A new Levenhuk Zeno Lamp series includes a wide range of tabletop magnifiers, which can also be used as lamps. Lamp magnifiers are equipped with an LED or fluorescent light and provide a large field of view for reading, needlework, and any minor works.

All magnifiers come with a lifetime warranty. Find a full catalog of Levenhuk magnifiers here.

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