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New products for adults and children – the Levenhuk Travel series and the Levenhuk LabZZ binoculars


Dear customers and visitors,

We are pleased to present you with the latest Levenhuk binoculars. Our new products range from colorful binoculars for kids to field models designed for hunting and hiking. Made of BK-7 glass, the optics of the binoculars are fully coated, and so they produce bright images with high contrast.

The new Levenhuk Travel series includes field and travel binoculars based on Porro prisms that are ideal for an active lifestyle. The devices perform well when hunting and patrolling the area, exploring landscapes, camping, or learning about urban architecture. There are also large-aperture binoculars with 50mm lenses that are perfect for observing at dusk and in cloudy weather. There are models available in magnifications from 7 to 12x:

The Levenhuk LabZZ series of optics for kids offers four nice colors. These compact and lightweight binoculars based on roof prisms will help young nature explorers discover more things around on a walk in the park, from the observation wheel, or by the river. And, best of all, they are always handy when you are out and about playing active games. The binoculars are made of rugged ABS plastic, which is known for its impact resistance, and they are also rubberized for more comfortable observation.

All Levenhuk optics are backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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