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New products in the Levenhuk Blitz PLUS and LabZZ Series


Dear customers and visitors,

Levenhuk introduces new products in the Blitz PLUS and LabZZ Series for Kids. They are already available in our online store. Meet our new products!

The Levenhuk Blitz PLUS telescopes are also refractors and Newtonian reflectors, but they are installed on equatorial mounts. This type of mount is more convenient for tracking fast moving astronomical objects and astrophotography. The telescopes of the series are suitable for ambitious beginners. All of the required accessories for a wide range of observations are included.

The Levenhuk LabZZ TK children’s telescopes are three portable models with a case. The case is used to store and transport the telescope and accessories. Therefore, it is convenient to travel with the telescope even over long distances. The telescopes feature glass optics, they are easy to handle, and they are compatible with all of the accessories that are necessary for observations.

Please note that all of the Levenhuk telescopes have a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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