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We introduce new Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun Telescopes


We are happy to introduce new products by Levenhuk – a series of Skyline Travel Sun Telescopes. Refractors with lightweight tubes will be great for country observations, traveling and hiking. The main features of these telescopes are compact sizes, light weight, and extended kit (including a solar filter and a branded backpack). Skyline Travel Sun series optical tools would be a great gift for an inquisitive child or to introduce an adult to observational astronomy.

Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 50 Telescope is a lightweight refractor with a 50 mm aperture and coated optics. The telescope is suitable for observing the planets of the Solar system, the Moon and the Sun (with a special filter only). You can even take this lightweight and compact model to the park on a sunny day. This telescope is easy to assemble, does not require setup, and you can start observing right after purchase due to an extended kit of necessary accessories.

Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 70 Telescope is a high-aperture model with a 70 mm aperture. That is sufficient for observing the details of surface of the Moon, the planets of the Solar system and the sunspots. You will also be able to observe the Messier objects and double stars (for example, Mizar and Albireo, although details will be invisible). The telescope will be perfect for terrestrial observations – it will become a decent alternative to a powerful spotting scope. The optical tool comes with a lightweight altazimuth mount and is very easy to operate. The optical tube is only 40 cm long so that the telescope will easily fit in a car trunk or in a carry-on luggage department on a plane.

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