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We would like to introduce the new Levenhuk instrumental microscopes, monoculars and a magnifier


Check out the updates in the Microscopes, Monoculars, and Magnifiers sections. New Levenhuk items are available for purchase.

Levenhuk 4ST Microscope is a new binocular model in the well-known Levenhuk ST series. This optical instrument is equipped with combined light; provides 20x and 40x magnification; excellent for working with nonplanar samples.

Levenhuk ZOOM 1B and Levenhuk ZOOM 1T are binocular and trinocular microscopes in the new Levenhuk ZOOM series. They feature a zoom objective and large working distance. These microscopes can be used for studying particularly large objects, including rocks, minerals, jewelry, and biological samples. Microscopes allow you to smoothly change magnification power and conduct observations in transmitted and reflected light. The trinocular model can be upgraded with a digital camera for conducting photo and video research.

Levenhuk Atom 10–30х30 and Levenhuk Atom 10x42 are new monocular models in the Levenhuk Atom Monoculars series. These compact optical instruments will come in handy on any adventure. They are lightweight and easily fit in your jacket pocket. What’s more, they are perfect for birdwatching and observing animals, watching sports events at a stadium as well as studying urban architecture and natural landscapes. The optics consist of the coated glass elements and deliver a sharp image with minimum aberrations. These monoculars are adaptable to a tripod.

Levenhuk Zeno Vizor H1 Head Magnifier is a compact, portable magnifier providing four magnification levels. The kit includes an additional folding lens that is made of quality optical plastic; there’s also a special swivel lens for the right eye. The magnification range is between 1.5x and 8x. It is very easy to put the magnifier on your head using a special Velcro strap. Your hands will be free, allowing you to accomplish any kind of work with small elements.

Please note that these Levenhuk items have a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

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