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Levenhuk Microscopes for Beginners, Amateurs, and Professionals


It is said that eyesight provides almost 90% of the information we learn about the world around us; only 10% is provided by other senses. However, nature has some great secrets all around us that cannot be perceived with a naked eye. With Levenhuk microscopes, you will be able to see more!

All microscopes boast high-quality optics, and their solid metal construction makes for a sturdy instrument that will serve you for many a year. Whatever you do—medicine or biology, mineralogy or clinical research, school studies or observations at leisure—we have a perfect model just for you.

Microscopes for Beginners

Levenhuk 2S NG and Levenhuk 3S NG

For those of you just beginning to learn about the microcosm, Levenhuk 2S NG is a wonderful choice. It is designed for bright field observations of transparent specimens. With its 200x magnification and the achromatic objective lens that eliminates any chromatic and spherical aberrations, this is a very easy-to-use and reliable microscope. The plano-concave mirror is used for illumination, so you can use it without having to connect it to a power source. The head in this microscope is located right above the stage, but for comfortable observations, you can incline both the head and the stage by the arm. Be cautious with liquid specimens, however, as they may leak. This microscope has a monocular head and a single objective. But even the most powerful microscope is pointless unless you have something to observe. Levenhuk 3S NG microscope is identical to Levenhuk 2S NG, but its kit also includes the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit. This contains five prepared slides that you can study right out of the box, blank slides and a microtome to prepare your own specimens, forceps and the "Attractive Microscope. Scrutinizing the Microcosm" User Guide – all this, and more, you get in the box with your Levenhuk 3S NG.

Levenhuk ST10

Our range of microscopes for beginners also includes the Levenhuk ST10 Microscope. It may be used for observations of various objects, including jewelry, coins, seals, insects, electronics and radio components, plants, hair, fur, and gemstones. Levenhuk ST10, with its 45° inclined monocular head that rotates 360°, provides 20x magnification. Thanks to the 8-cm distance between the object and the objective lens, this microscope may even be used for intricate work, such as watch or jewelry repair. The stage may be flipped from its black side to the white side to provide for maximum contrast during observations of specific objects. The microscope uses only natural illumination.

Comparison of beginner microscopes' capabilities

Model Levenhuk 2S NG
Levenhuk 3S NG
Levenhuk ST10
Image levenhuk_microscopes_for_beginners_amateurs_and_professionals_01.jpg
Magnification 200x
Head Monocular
Monocular, rotating
Illumination 40 mm plano-concave mirror
40 mm plano-concave mirror
Condenser disk diaphragm
disk diaphragm
Focus system coarse, 20 mm
coarse, 20 mm
adjusting the nosepiece
Stage with stage clips, 100 x 90 mm
with stage clips, 100 x 90 mm
with stage clips and a contrast plate

Microscope for Amateurs

Levenhuk 2L NG and Levenhuk 3L NG

The simple beginner microscopes will, no doubt, show you many wonders; however, their capabilities are quite limited. Sooner or later, you will want to take it to the next level—or, maybe, you are already fascinated by the microcosm and all you want is a powerful instrument for your observations.

The Levenhuk 2L NG Microscope has a triple nosepiece with 3 objectives (4x, 10x, 40x) and a 16x eyepiece that provide you with an easy way to switch from 64x to 640x in one click. The 45° inclined monocular head rotates 360° for comfortable observations and ease of use when sharing the instrument. The solid metal construction makes for a sturdy and reliable instrument.

Thanks to the dual LED illumination of the stage (from above and from below), you can study both transparent and opaque specimens. The microscope has to be plugged into a power source for the illumination to work.

Levenhuk 3L NG Microscope is identical to Levenhuk 2L NG, but its kit also includes the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit.

Levenhuk 40L NG and Levenhuk 50L NG

Levenhuk 40L NG provides the widest magnification range of all Levenhuk amateur microscopes. The triple nosepiece with 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives, two eyepieces of 10x and 16x and a 2x Barlow Lens that doubles the magnification make for a very powerful and flexible instrument. The magnification, therefore, ranges from 40x to 1280x. The 45° inclined head rotates 360° and can be locked in any position, which makes for comfortable observations.

Smooth focusing and stage movement prevents any sharp jolts, making your observations easy and enjoyable. Dual LED illumination with variable brightness allows you to study both transparent and opaque specimens, and with its AC adapter, you can forget about changing batteries during observations.

The microscope is shipped with a case for storage and transportation, which means you can take it on your trips and it will be protected against dust and water when you are not using it.

Levenhuk 50L NG Microscope is identical to the 40L NG model, but its kit also includes the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit that will allow you to study the microcosm right after unpacking it.

Levenhuk 2L NG, Levenhuk 3L NG, Levenhuk 40L NG, and Levenhuk 50L NG models are also available in different colors: azure, rose, lime, orange, and amethyst.

Comparison of amateur microscopes' capabilities

Model Levenhuk 2L NG
Levenhuk 3L NG
Levenhuk 40L NG
Levenhuk 50L NG
Image levenhuk_microscopes_for_beginners_amateurs_and_professionals_04.jpg
Head 45° inclined, monocular, rotating
45° inclined, monocular, rotating
45° inclined, monocular, rotating, locking
45° inclined, monocular, rotating, locking
Magnification range 64x-640x
Illumination LED above and below, variable brightness
LED above and below, variable brightness
LED above and below, variable brightness
LED above and below, variable brightness
Case no
Stage movement range 0-10 mm
0-10 mm
0-15 mm
0-15 mm
Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit no

Professional Microscopes

Levenhuk 625

Thus far, we have discussed microscopes fit for personal use or school studies. However, we also offer high-tech microscopes that may be used in laboratories and research centers.

Levenhuk 625 binocular microscope is a perfect blend of high quality and reasonable pricing. It may be used for clinical research and school demonstrations; for bacterioscopy and cystoscopy; and in medical laboratories and research centers. It allows for bright field observations of prepared specimens. With additional components, it may also be used for dark field observations. Thanks to the binocular head, you will not tire during prolonged observations, which is useful for day-to-day operations. Levenhuk 625 has a revolving quadruple nosepiece with four objectives (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion)) and is shipped with two wide-field eyepieces of 10x and 20x, which provide for 40x-2000x magnification range. The 30° inclined head provides for the most natural and comfortable position during your observations.

Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs allow for smooth and exact focusing of your views. Variable brightness lighting provides proper illumination at any magnification.

Levenhuk 850B

Levenhuk 850B biological microscope may be used for dark field observations with the default kit. These microscopes are perfect for medical studies, technological research, laboratory observations, and schools. They can be used for day-to-day research in biology, bacteriology, cytology, or pharmacology. The 30° inclined binocular head rotates 360° for comfortable observations. The interpupillary distance may be adjusted from 55 mm to 75 mm. Diopter adjustment ranges from -5 to +5 diopters. Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs provide for easy adjustments in 0.002 mm increments within 25 mm range.

The 140 mm x 155 mm stage has two layers and allows for the slide to be moved horizontally within a 70 mm range.

Levenhuk 870T

Levenhuk 870T trinocular microscope allows for both bright field and dark field observations. Thanks to its trinocular head, this microscope can be combined with a camera eyepiece and used for microphotography. Otherwise, its capabilities are identical to Levenhuk 850B Microscope.

Comparison of professional microscopes' capabilities

Model Levenhuk 625
Levenhuk 850B
Levenhuk 870T
Image levenhuk_microscopes_for_beginners_amateurs_and_professionals_08.jpg
Head Binocular, rotating
Binocular, rotating
Trinocular, rotating
Magnification range 40x-2000x
Focusing range 20 mm
25 mm
25 mm
Stage 125 mm x 115 mm, movable along two axes
140 mm x 155 mm, movable along two axes
140 mm x 155 mm, movable along two axes
Illumination Variable brightness 6V 20W halogen lamp
Variable brightness 6V 20W halogen lamp
Variable brightness 6V 20W halogen lamp
Condenser Abbe, 1.25 N.A
Abbe, 1.25 N.A, premium iris diaphragm and dark field condenser
Abbe, 1.25 N.A, premium iris diaphragm and dark field condenser

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