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Levenhuk LabZZ series includes modern optical tools designed especially for children and teenagers. Levenhuk LabZZ products include microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, and experiment sets that will spark interest in science in young researchers. Bright design, easy operation, and many accessories in the kit are distinctive features of Levenhuk LabZZ series.

LabZZ by Levenhuk binoculars, telescopes and microscopes are packed in bright boxed that children will certainly like. Optical devices are supplied as complete with all the necessary accessories – you won’t worry about buying additional equipment.

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Bright design, simple operation and many accessories in a set – distinctive features of this series. Don’t think that these are toys; they are sophisticated devices with high-quality optics and a reliable design. The line was developed taking into account all the needs of young explorers: LabZZ devices have good optical features, bright design and are made of strong materials that are safe for children. You can pick the devices from this range in our online shop.

If you want your child to develop in various fields of science, have a look at Levenhuk LabZZ sets that you can buy in the Levenhuk online shop. Sets consist of several optical devices and are complete with additional accessories. Such a set may help to fascinate a child with science and help them make their first steps in understanding how the world around is arranged. You can take some optical devices from such a set with you for a walk and play exciting games with friends. This is a perfect gift for a young explorer.