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Magnification: 30x/45x/60x. Lens diameter: 20/9mm. LED and UV lights

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Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen
Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen
Levenhuk Optics Cleaning Cloth
Levenhuk Optics Cleaning Cloth

Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier is a compact loupe with two lenses. The first lens yields magnification of 30x; the second one has switchable magnifications of 45x and 60x. Both lenses are made of optical polymer glass and render clear and detailed images. Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier is perfect for both professional and daily use. You can easily use this tool to detect defects, read fine print, and examine small items.

The magnifier has built-in illumination of two types: LED and ultraviolet. The LED allows illuminating the observed object evenly, and the ultraviolet light helps to see watermarks on paper currency. The bulbs are located at the edge of the frame and turn on with a special switch.

The folding Levenhuk Zeno Gem M13 Magnifier is distinguished by its convenient and impact-resistant design. You can take this magnifier anywhere you go, and the optics will be perfectly safe.

Daniel (2023.06.30)
How do I change the batteries? Do I have to unscrew the two screws?
Customer service:
Hi Daniel, thanks for your query. Batteries replacement: slide and open the battery compartment cover, replace the batteries and close the cover. You can view the full user manual at this link: Is there any additional information you might need?

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