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Monocular. Magnification: 200x. Illumination: mirror

The microscope head is a core element of the microscope that you look through to see a magnified sample
How much the size of a sample increases when you observe it through a microscope
Children (3-7 year old), school/educational
Application and use of the microscope

Product ID 25648
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555004266
Package size (LxWxH) 5.5x7.5x12.6 in
Shipping Weight 2.8 lb

Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope is an attractively priced basic microscope for beginners, children and students. The microscope works in bright field mode allowing you to observe transparent specimens, and has a very good price/quality ratio. Featuring 200x magnification Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope will show amateur observers everything they need to start their scientific investigations.

1.6-inch plano-concave mirror used as the illumination source in the Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope provides the light required for observations and has several advantages that make it safe for children to use. Plano-concave mirror is known as the safest illumination method; it doesn't require a separate power supply and can be easily controlled by adjusting the disc diaphragm.

Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope has a 16x eyepiece that provides quality views without aberrations, and coarse focusing system with 0.8-inch focusing intervals that makes the images sharper.

This model features inclined head and stage, so you can comfortably adjust the microscope to your desired position during observations. The stage also has stage clips to keep samples (one or two since stage dimensions allow that) in place. Reliable metal construction ensures the microscope's stability.

Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope kit includes:

  • Microscope
  • 1 objective: 16x
  • 1 eyepiece: H12.5 x
  • Diaphragm disk
  • Stage with clips
  • Plano-concave mirror
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

Some things you can see under a microscope:

Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope is compatible with Levenhuk digital cameras (purchased separately). Levenhuk cameras are installed in the eyepiece tube instead of an eyepiece.

Product ID 25648
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555004266
Package size (LxWxH) 5.5x7.5x12.6 in
Shipping Weight 2.8 lb
Type biological, light/optical
Head monocular
Optics material optical glass
Nozzle fixed (non-rotatable)
Head inclination angle not angled
Magnification, x 200
Eyepiece tube diameter, in 0.9
Eyepieces 12.5x
Objectives 16x (achromatic)
Stage, mm 100x90
Stage moving range, mm fixed
Stage features with clips
Diaphragm diaphragm disc (6 apertures)
Focus coarse (20mm)
Body metal
Illumination mirror
User level beginners, for children
Assembly and installation difficulty level extremely simple
Application children (3-7 year old), school/educational
Illumination location lower
Research method bright field
Questions and Answers
Eugen (2017.12.12)
And one more quick question. Can I buy another objective lens with higher magnification or use lens from another microscope?
Customer service:
Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope doesn’t allow you to change objective lenses. But you can buy an additional eyepiece to increase the microscope’s magnification. For example, Levenhuk Rainbow WF16x Eyepiece - .
Rick (2017.10.18)
Hello! Can I equip this model with artificial light source? If yes, then which type? Thank you in advance.
Customer service:
There’s no such a possibility, although you can set additional light source close to the microscope. We recommend that you consider Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope
Elena (2017.10.16)
Which microscope would you recommend for inspection of spermatozoa of farm animals?
Customer service:
For these studies, you will need a laboratory microscope, for example Levenhuk 320 BASE Biological Microscope -
Gabriel (2016.11.07)
Is this a good model for a kid in second grade?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk 2S NG model is a wonderful choice for a kid in second grade.
Joel Quinn (2016.08.03)
Can I observe my own samples under this microscope?
Customer service:
Yesm Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope is a great model for viewing independently prepared microscope samples.
Jennifer (2016.05.12)
Hello! Could you please advise me some quality microscope for a preschooler? To observe leaves, bugs, flowers, and so on. Thank you!
Customer service:
Take a look at Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope - .
Patty Hall (2015.12.12)
Hello, does the kit includes blank slides and cover slips or are they purchased separately?
Customer service:
The kit of Levenhuk 2S NG doesn't include any blank slides or cover slips.
Matt Munoz (2015.03.02)
Hello! We bought this microscope for our kid (7 years old) in January. And we absolutely loved it! But yesterday I noticed that image is no longer that sharp as it was before... We wiped off the lenses with a soft cloth and alcohol but alas! no improvement... what should we do?
Customer service:
To keep optics always in good condition we recommend using special optics cleaning fluids. You can find Levenhuk optics cleaning tools on this page: .
Kathryn Cote (2014.12.19)
What else should I buy for this microscope? We have never used such instruments before.
Customer service:
For use with Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope we would recommend purchasing one of our sets of prepared microscope slides - , please also pay close attention to Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit - .
Diane Riddle (2014.12.13)
The microscope is quite the thing! Already saw bacteria with it!
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope!
Justin Cain (2014.12.04)
Hello! Could please you advise me any prepared microscope slides suitable for this model (Levenhuk 2S NG)?
Customer service:
Levenhuk prepared microscope slide sets are universal, they can be used with any microscope model. We recommend you take a look at Levenhuk N38 NG Prepared Slides Set - .
Alex Nichols (2014.02.06)
Is it suitable for fifth-grader?
Customer service:
The Levenhuk 2S NG microscope is perfect for fifth-grader.
Val Holm (2013.09.22)
is it possible to see bacteria in muddy water under this microscope?
Customer service:
No, it's not possible to observe bacteria with an entry-level microscope. Most of the bacteria are really small so you can see them only at a magnification not less than 1200x also sample staining is required. In other words for this purpose you need a special microscope (not a beginner model) and a special method of slide preparation. Of course there are giant bacteria, which may be observed at 900x magnification, but they live deep in the ocean and it's almost impossible to reach them.
Alex Stang (2013.07.10)
can I see infusoria with this microscope
Customer service:
Yes, you can observe infusoria through the Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope.
Dolly Taylor (2013.05.23)
Can I use Levenhuk N10 NG Prepared Slides Set with Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope?
Customer service:
Yes, you can observe Levenhuk N10 Prepared Slides under Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope. Also take a look at other prepared slides sets:
Michael Williams (2013.05.23)
Is Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit compatible with Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope?
Customer service:
Yes, you can observe samples included in Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit with Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope
Patrick Winer (2013.05.19)
at what magnification it's possible to see 1 micron
Customer service:
At 40x and higher.
Paul Harris (2013.04.28)
ok now you convinced me! thank you! my son has a dream of seeing dust mites so now it will totally come true!!! tell me please how to prepare microscope slides out of dust mites?
Customer service:
You can use Levenhuk G50 Blank Slides for preparing your own slides
Jodel Hart (2013.04.26)
dust mites are of 100 micron size I assume I can see them with a naked eye but for one I can't see them under this microscope why??
Customer service:
You can't really see 100 micron objects with the naked eye. You need to use dust mites microscope slides that have been specially prepared in a lab environment, then you will be able to observe dust mites perfectly under this microscope
Steve Glenn (2013.04.21)
How to breed paramecia? At what magnification do they become visible?
Customer service:
You can observe paramecia at 40x magnification.
Alex Stang (2013.04.18)
Tell me please if it's possible to observe non-transparent objects under this microscope?
Customer service:
Unfortunately it's not possible to observe non-transparent objects with Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope, consider Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope:
Scott Faber (2013.04.11)
hello, tell me please, what can I see with this microscope??
Customer service:
This model is designed for bright field observations of transparent specimens in transmitted light. Take a look at the specimens included in the Levenhuk Prepared Slides Sets:
Phill Bell (2013.04.11)
stop lying they can be seen at 2000x magnification 0.2 micron
Customer service:
Average size of a regular dust mite is 200 micron. They can be seen at a magnification of 200x just perfectly.
Rose Phelps (2013.04.10)
saprophiles are a kind of dust mites. can I see them under this microscope?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope allows you to distinguish saprophiles.
anndy clark (2013.04.10)
will I be able to see dust mites under this microscope??
Customer service:
Stacy Ball (2013.04.09)
can I see an ameba? can paramecia be viewed properly?
Customer service:
Yes, you can observe an ameba. It will be seen properly.
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