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Magnification: 40–1000x. Infinity plan achromatic objectives, light source – LED 3W, stage with two specimen holders, Köhler illumination. Digital camera: 8MP

The microscope head is a core element of the microscope that you look through to see a magnified sample
40 — 1000
How much the size of a sample increases when you observe it through a microscope
Application and use of the microscope

Product ID 40030
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555004488
Package size (LxWxH) 20.5x15.4x12.6 in
Shipping Weight 20.6 lb

The Levenhuk D870T is a digital microscope with an 8MP digital camera that is used for micro research in medicine, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, biology, and ecology. Observations are only possible in the brightfield transmitted light. The camera can take photos and record videos of research for archives or future use as well as display the image on an external screen for presentation to an audience. The magnification of the microscope ranges from 40x to 1000x and uses brightness-controlled LED illumination to light the specimens.

The trinocular rotating head is convenient for professional researchers who spend a lot of time examining specimens. You can look through the eyepieces with both eyes, which greatly reduces eye strain. In addition, the eyepiece tubes can be set apart to the most comfortable distance for the user. The 4-objective revolving nosepiece is oriented toward the interior, and so you can see the objective inserted into the optical path during the observation. The included objectives are plan achromatic and the eyepieces have a wide field of view.

The stage is supplemented with two specimen holders. By moving the stage vertically, you can adjust the focus, and by moving it horizontally along two axes, it allows you to accurately position the part of the specimen under the microscope objective. The stage does not have a positioning rack and, therefore, it is more convenient to work with. The focusing of the microscope is adjusted by coarse and fine focusing knobs.

The sample is illuminated by LEDs mounted in the base of the microscope. It is long-lasting, does not require frequent replacement, and is powered by AC power. The aperture and field diaphragms allow for the Köhler illumination setup.

The microscope comes with not only a digital camera, but also all of the necessary software and drivers. The Levenhuk D870T microscope is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and USB2.0 port is required for connection. If the software does not work on your computer, please contact us and inform us as to what your operating system is and its version (for Linux: platform and kernel version).

Key features:

  • Laboratory microscope with digital camera and image processing software
  • Trinocular head, interpupillary distance adjustment, wide-field eyepieces
  • The revolving nosepiece oriented toward the interior with four objective slots, plan acromatic objectives
  • For brightfield microscopy in transmitted light at magnifications from 40 to 1000x
  • Brightness-adjustable LED light source, Köhler illumination setup
  • Stage with two specimen holders, no positioning rack, coarse and fine focusing
  • Retractable collector for easy LED replacement
  • AC power supply

The kit includes:

  • Microscope base, revolving nosepiece, condenser, stage, built-in transmitted light illuminator and power supply
  • Trinocular head
  • Plan achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 40xs, 100xs (oil)
  • Eyepiece WF10x/22 mm (2 pcs.)
  • Blue filter
  • Bottle of the immersion oil
  • Digital camera: 8MP
  • USB cable
  • Software CD and drivers
  • AC adapter
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Caution: Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage and never attempt to plug a 110V device into 220V outlet and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220–240V in most European countries.

Some things you can see under a microscope:

The photo shows slides from Levenhuk ready-made specimen kits. The Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope is compatible with [Levenhuk digital cameras](/blog/knowledge-base-microscopes/compatibility-of-levenhuk-microscopes-with-levenhuk-digital-cameras/) (additional cameras are purchased separately). Levenhuk cameras are installed in the eyepiece tube instead of an eyepiece.
Product ID 40030
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555004488
Package size (LxWxH) 20.5x15.4x12.6 in
Shipping Weight 20.6 lb
Type biological, light/optical, digital
Head trinocular
Optics material optical glass
Nozzle 360 ° rotatable
Head inclination angle 30 °
Magnification, x 40 — 1000
Eyepiece tube diameter, in 0.9
Eyepieces WF10x/22mm (2 pcs.)
Objectives planachromat: 4x, 10x, 40xs, 100xs (oil immersion)
Revolving nosepiece for 4 objectives
Interpupillary distance, in 2.2 — 3
Stage, mm 210x150
Stage moving range, mm 75/55
Stage features with specimen holders, two-axis mechanical stage, without a positioning rack
Eyepiece diopter adjustment, diopters ±5
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25
Diaphragm built-in aperture and field
Focus coaxial, coarse (24mm) and fine (0.002mm)
Body metal
Illumination LED
Brightness adjustment
Power supply 110–220V
Light source type 3W LED
Light filters blue
User level experienced users, professionals
Assembly and installation difficulty level complicated
Application laboratory/medical
Illumination location lower
Research method bright field
Digital camera included
Pouch/case/bag in set dust cover
Megapixels 8
Sensor element 1/2.5"
Pixel size, μm 1.67x1.67
Video recording
Image format *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png, *.tif
Video format output: *.wmv, *.avi, *.h264 (Windows 8 and later), *h265 (Windows 10 and later)
Spectral range, nm 380–650 (built-in IR filter)
White balance manual, automatic
Exposure control manual, automatic
Sensitivity, V/lux-sec@550nm 0.31
Frame rate 1.9fps (3264x2448 resolution)
8fps (1600x1200 resolution)
27fps (800x600 resolution)
Dynamic range, dB 65.2
Usage location eyepiece tube (replaces an eyepiece)
Method of exposure ERS (Electronic Rolling Shutter)
Software, drivers LevenhukLite
Output USB 2.0
System requirements Windows 8/10/11 (32bit and 64bit), Mac OS X, Linux, up to 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 or higher, minimum 2GB RAM, USB 2.0 port, CD-ROM
Camera power supply via USB cable
Questions and Answers
Herr Not (2017.12.26)
I’ve installed all the drivers from the CD (direct, twain). But, the camera is not recognized by the system (Windows 7). What can I do with that?
Customer service:
Download the latest drivers here . They can be found in the ’References and Downloads’ section.
Earl Ireland (2017.05.29)
Is there a removable stage insert for this microscope to allow easier clean up when performing oil immersion work? I purchased this product from Levenhuk in 12-15, but only recently have found time to begin using it. Thank you.
Customer service:
Dear Earl, thank you for your inquiry.
You will need to use a soft wet cloth.
It will be easier to remove an objective in order to clean. No need to remove the stage.Is there any additional information you might need?
Jerry Downs (2016.11.21)
do you have something similar but cheaper? Maybe without camera or trinocular head...
Customer service:
Consider Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope ( ) or Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope ( ).
Dustin Sims (2016.10.18)
Hello! Could you please tell me the purpose of an optical filter?
Customer service:
Optical filters allow you to obtain more contrast images. Some microorganisms are invisible in bright light and only available to the eye through a special filter.
Dustin Sims (2016.10.12)
Hello! We are planning on buying a microscope in the nearest future and not just a microscope but the best model we can find. Now we are interested in Levenhuk 670T and Levenhuk 870T models. Is there any significant difference between these two? Their prices are very different. Thank you in advance!
Customer service:
Levenhuk 870T model features plan achromatic objectives and eyepieces, while Levenhuk 670T model features achromatic objectives and eyepieces. This fact affects image quality.
Ann Kirk (2016.03.28)
Will I see molecules with this microscope?
Customer service:
Such microscopes are not presented in our store.
Shaun Conklin (2016.02.29)
Does this microscope have top lighting? Can I observe opaque samples (stones)?
Customer service:
Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope is designed for viewing transparent samples - it only has lower illumination. Levenhuk D870T is a laboratory instrument; it is not suitable for observing stones. For this purpose we would recommend buying a stereo microscope. For example, Levenhuk 5ST Microscope - .
Terry Chavez (2016.02.24)
How to switch between binocular and trinocular head modes?
Customer service:
In order to switch between binocular and trinocular head modes, you need to slightly pull the locking screw out (on the right side of the trinocular head).
Ruth (2016.01.06)
Does this microscope have an upper and lower illumination light? I am looking for a microscope with both.
Customer service:
Dear Ruth, thank you for interest in Levenhuk products! This microscopes comes with lower illumination. Only student microscopes comes with both upper and lower illumination. For example, Levenhuk 50L NG Microscope.
Is there any additional information you might need?
Mary Lane (2015.12.14)
What's the optical zoom of Levenhuk D870T model? Can I additionally buy a 60x objective lens for it?
Customer service:
Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope has 2000x optical magnification. No, unfortunately, it is not possible.
John (2015.08.20)
Can I examine a drop of blood with this microscope model?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope allows you to examine a drop of blood.
alef (2015.03.19)
So the image on screen is live ? I'm not sure if you understood my previous message (or if i'm pose it correctly). What i mean is do we only get static screenshots or are we seeing live video from the microscope.
Customer service:
Dear Alef, yes, you will be able to observe the specimen live on your PC.
Is there any additional information you might need?
alef (2015.03.19)
Thank you. I did have 2 more questions, how does it connect to the computer (usb/hdmi/wireless) and when i view it in your software, is the image live (as in moving) or is it a snapshot image. Many thanks for your expert knowledge, you are very helpful.
Customer service:
Dear Alef, thank you for your inquiry. The microscope can be connected to your PC via a USB cable that also acts as a power cable, so you do not have to plug it into a power source. The camera allows you to observe specimens in fine detail and true colors on your PC monitor and save images and videos on the hard drive.
Is there any additional information you might need?
alef (2015.03.18)
I want to check a fecal sample for the giardia protozoa. Would i be able to do this with this microscope ?

Thank you!
Customer service:
Dear Alef, thank you for interest in Levenhuk products. This model is the most powerful with magnification up to 2000x, so it will fit your needs!
Is there any additional information you might need?
Perry Cannon (2014.10.26)
I can't observe in dark field... is it really a dark field microscope?
Customer service:
Levenhuk D870T Microscope is equipped with built-in darkfield condenser. Could you please specify what kind of problems you are having with the microscope?
Candace Webb (2014.08.18)
I bought this microscope for work and also to introduce my kids to microscopy (and entertain them along the way). I'm really happy with it, great image quality, and kids totally love it. A huge (!) advantage is the digital camera included in the kit (we can view and save images to my PC!)
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope!
Leslie Ford (2014.07.06)
Tell me why the camera gives such bright images? I've done everything that is written in the instructions but with no result! Truth be told, the image became even brighter and contrast. And in general the image is too yellow and it differs a lot from what I see through binocular...
Customer service:
You can change image brightness and contrast in the main menu of Levenhuk ToupView software.
Matt Hunt (2014.06.24)
Tell me, is it possible to detect fungal pathogens with Levenhuk D870T?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk D870T microscope is suitable for your purpose.
Leslie Ford (2014.06.24)
Hello! Tell me please, why there is no light in the monocular tube (the one I attach a camera to)? It seems that the light from the illumination system does not achieve this area. This is the reason why I cannot take pictures. Maybe there is some kind of a switch? Or maybe I should do something with the trinocular head?
Customer service:
The switch you are looking for is located on the microscope's base.
Alan Watson (2014.06.23)
Can I detect antibodies in blood using this microscope?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk D870T model is suitable for your purpose.
CRAIG (2014.06.23)
Does this model significantly surpass such models as Levenhuk 850B, Levenhuk 870T (not considering the presence of digital camera in the kit)? All three models have 2000x magnification (useful is 1250x, meaning the aperture is the same). Thus if I buy the most affordable model then I won't get poorer image quality or less resolution?
Customer service:
Yes, you are correct, in terms of optics and image quality these models are equal.
Craig (2014.06.23)
Do you have microscopes with maximum useful magnification of at least 1600x in more affordable series, for example L series?
Customer service:
Unfortunately, such models are not available, maximum magnification of available models is 1280x.
Craig (2014.06.23)
1. What is this microscope numerical aperture?
2. What's its maximum useful magnification?
3. Useful magnification, how I see it, is the same thing as optical magnification and it depends on objective's aperture?
Customer service:
The numerical aperture (NA) of a microscope objective is a measure of its ability to gather light and resolve fine details of observed object. It is defined by a complex mathematical formula, and is associated with an angular aperture of the lens and the refractive index of the medium between the lens and the specimen. To obtain the best image quality you will need a condenser with a numerical aperture that matches or exceeds a numerical aperture of the microscope objective lens with the highest magnification. The numerical aperture is only important for microscopes with high magnification. Levenhuk D870T is equipped with Abbe condenser with the largest numerical aperture of 1.25 and dark field condenser.

2. Maximum useful magnification is 2000x.

3. Magnification is calculated according to this formula: objective lens magnification x eyepiece magnification.
Craig (2014.06.22)
And one more question: what objects I won't be able to observe with a microscope that doesn't allow observing using dark field method?
Customer service:
Dark field observations allow you to see lots of details that can not be seen when observing in bright field. In dark field observations rays form a hollow cone, which aperture is larger than the objective lens. Thus most of rays won't reach the objective. Inhomogeneous structure of the sample scatters the light, and this scattered light forms an image.
CRAIG (2014.06.22)
I suppose I will be able to observe fly's head and legs or magnify a piece of skin, or a small stone, right?
Customer service:
Yes, of course you will be able to study all these things with Levenhuk D870T, but for observations of non transparent samples like "small stone", upper illuminator is required.
Craig (2014.06.22)
1. So what optical and digital magnification does this microscope provide? 2. So, as I understand, I can observe opaque objects using a flashlight for example? Or these microscopes are not designed for such manipulations?
Customer service:
1. Optical increase of Levenhuk D870T is up to 2000x and digital - up to 1000x. 2. Yes, it's possible in theory.
Sally Carter (2014.06.04)
The image transmitted through the camera is more turbid and differs in color. Is it ok? Or is there something wrong with my camera?
Customer service:
If the difference is significant and prevents you from comfortable working process, then you should contact our Customer Service Department: (800) 342-1706.
Burt Owens (2014.05.29)
no, the microscope itself provides magnification of 2000x. And digital increase on PC monitor should be higher than 2000x.
As an example… let's compare it with celestron digital microscope. This microscope provides 600x optical increase and 2000x when connected to PC. So optical increase - 600x, digital zoom - 2000x.
So if this microscope has 2000x optical increase, then on PC it will be 5000x approximately!?!
also the bigger the monitor the higher the magnification, right?
Customer service:
No, it's not totally correct. The camera provides magnification comparable to a 10x eyepiece. Thus Levenhuk D870T together with the digital camera provides 1000x increase as a maximum. 2000x increase can be achieved by using digital interpolation method, i.e. zooming the image without appearance of more additional details.
Burt Owens (2014.05.23)
Hi! :)
tell me please what is maximum digital magnification of this microscope model?
Customer service:
The maximum digital magnification of Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope is 2000x.
Rudolph Jones (2014.05.21)
guess my question is not original, but still: is it possible to see bacteria through this microscope?
Customer service:
Yes, with Levenhuk D870T microscope you will be able to observe bacteria under 1200x increase (at least) and with the sample has to be stained.
Billy Landry (2014.05.07)
Tell me... what are these big color glasses in the kit used for? What should I do with them? I haven't found any mention in the manual or on your website.
Customer service:
These are optical filters and they are used for in-depth and detailed study of samples. They are really helpful in case you need to highlight some areas that are more significant for your study. A filter should be inserted into the filter holder.
Billy Landry (2014.05.02)
Can I use any flashlight as an upper illumination?
Customer service:
Yes, it's possible.
Sean Kerr (2014.04.03)
Could you suggest any similar models with the same magnification and camera resolution but with an ability to observe opaque objects as well?
Customer service:
This microscope design doesn't support upper illumination. As an alternative, we would suggest Levenhuk D70L Digital Biological Microscope -
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.27)
do you mean that both 8 Mpx and 14 Mpx cameras provide video resolution not higher than 1920*1080? please tell me what's the exact resolution for each camera
Customer service:
No, you get it wrong: maximum photo and video resolution for 8 Mpx camera is 3264x2448; for 14 Mpx - 4096x3288. What we tried to tell you is that it doesn't depend on the screen resolution of your monitor.
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.27)
Wait, if my laptop resolution is 1920*1080 does it make any sense to buy 14 Mpx camera instead of 8 Mpx?
Customer service:
Screen resolution is not significant.
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.27)
So video quality depends on the camera and it doesn't matter if it's connected to PC or laptop?
Customer service:
Yes, video quality depends directly on the camera specifications. Digital camera included in the kit is 8 Mpx and provides up to 27 fps speed.
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.27)
How's the video quality of this microscope considering I'm gonna connect it to my laptop?
Customer service:
The highest speed is up to 27 fps (depends on resolution).
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.26)
Ok, so the camera in the kit is 8 Mpx, let's say I want 10 Mpx, is it possible?
Customer service:
10 Mpx digital cameras for microscopes are not available in our store, the closest model is 14 Mpx Levenhuk C1400 NG Digital Camera, so you can purchase microscope and camera separately: Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope ; Levenhuk M1400 PLUS Digital Camera
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.25)
One more thing - will I be able to see dna?
Customer service:
Unfortunately no, significantly higher magnification is required to study DNA molecules (around 1000000x). For this you need an electron microscope, but let us warn you - they are rather expensive.
Ricky Snyder (2014.03.25)
Hello, I need a top-quality microscope with an ability to observe samples on my laptop (in high quality!). I'd like to observe everything from water crystals to the smallest parts of cells and also microorganisms, in one word everything! Will D870T work for me?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope is a perfect choice for you!
Wesley Richards (2014.03.12)
How field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm should be adjusted to observe using dark field method? Should they be fully opened, closed or set up for Koehler?
Customer service:
To observe in dark field mode with Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope its field diaphragm should be opened.
Karl Morales (2014.03.03)
Hello! Which objectives are installed on this microscope? plan or semi-plan?
Customer service:
Levenhuk D870T microscope is equipped with PLAN objectives.
Edward Turner (2014.01.24)
Hello! Is it possible to record dynamic molecular processes using this camera?
Customer service:
Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope is not capable of showing molecular processes, for this purpose the electron microscope is needed. Unfortunately, we don't have electron microscopes in our product range.
Valeri (2013.11.25)
I find Dark Field Microscope for Live Blood Analysis.
This model - I find Dark Field Microscope?
Customer service:
Dear Valeri, thank you for interest in Levenhuk products!
The Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope comes with Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm.

This model can be used for dark filed observations.

It may be used once the Abbe condenser is raised to its highest position. You need to rotate the ring on the illuminator clockwise to switch to dark field observations, rotate it clockwise again to switch back to bright field observations.

Is there any additional information you might need?

Looking forward to your reply.
Paul Edleson (2013.05.14)
Is this model (Levenhuk D870T trinocular) optimal for hemoscanning?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope is
great for this purpose.
Boris Mullaney (2013.03.08)
Did I get it right, this model gives an opportunity to study non-transparent objects in reflected light? may also find its application in forensics and jewelry studies; or even used by collectors of oddities and curios…
Customer service:
Unfortunately, it is impossible to study non-transparent objects with the Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope because this microscope has only lower lighting. Here you will find a list of microscopes that allow observing non-transparent objects in reflected light:
Leslie Mcmillian (2013.02.28)
1. Does this camera run on Windows 7?
2. What is the maximum number of frames per second that 10Mpx camera provides?
Customer service:
1. Yes, it runs on Windows 7.
2. 1.9 fps
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