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Magnification: 100–900x. Experiment kit included

The microscope head is a core element of the microscope that you look through to see a magnified sample
100 — 900
How much the size of a sample increases when you observe it through a microscope
Children (3-7 year old)
Application and use of the microscope

Product ID 69740
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555011486
Package size (LxWxH) 3.1x11x11.4 in
Shipping Weight 1 lb

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is a great instrument for a young biologist. The microscope is very easy to use; it allows for studying transparent microscope samples, and also comes with an interesting experiment kit. A kid will be able to observe ready-to-use microscope slides and watch Artemia’s growth in a hatchery. The kit also includes special tools for independent preparation of microscope samples.

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope has a revolving nosepiece equipped with three objective lenses. The lenses come pre-installed. These lenses enable you to obtain several fixed magnifications in the 100x–900x range. Illumination is located below the stage. You can choose a mirror or LED – the illumination unit rotates around its axis.

The stage is equipped with special metal clips for sample fixation. Focusing is carried out by means of a separate knob. Illumination runs on batteries (not included). The body is lightweight–made of reliable plastic. The microscope with all the enclosures is packed in a bright colorful box.


  • Children’s microscope
  • Magnification up to 900x
  • Experiment kit included
  • Lightweight plastic body
  • Illumination: mirror or LED

The kit includes:

  • Microscope
  • Eyepiece
  • Pipette
  • Prepared slides (3 pcs)
  • Blank slides (3 pcs)
  • Cover slips (6 pcs)
  • Slide stickers (6 pcs)
  • Glue
  • Sea salt
  • Flask with brine shrimp
  • Brine shrimp hatchery
  • Spatula
  • Scalpel
  • Pestle

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is not compatible with Levenhuk digital cameras due to non-standard 17-mm eyepiece tube diameter.

Product ID 69740
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555011486
Package size (LxWxH) 3.1x11x11.4 in
Shipping Weight 1 lb
Type biological, light/optical
Head monocular
Optics material optical polymer glass
Nozzle fixed (non-rotatable)
Head inclination angle not angled
Magnification, x 100 — 900
Eyepiece tube diameter, in 0.7
Eyepieces 10x
Objectives 10x, 40x, 90x
Revolving nosepiece for 3 objectives
Stage, mm 60x65
Stage moving range, mm fixed
Stage features with clips
Focus coarse
Body plastic
Illumination LED, mirror
Power supply 2 AA batteries (not included)
Power supply: batteries/built-in battery yes
User level for children
Assembly and installation difficulty level extremely simple
Application children (3-7 year old)
Illumination location lower
Research method bright field
Experiment kit included
Questions and Answers
Emma Wright (2018.01.06)
Glue in the kit? What is it used for?
Customer service:
It serves as a fixator of a sample on the microscope slide.
Archer Flint (2017.12.13)
Hello! Can I observe opaque samples with this model?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is equipped with lower illumination only; therefore you won’t be able to observe opaque samples, only transparent. Please consider Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope - the model has combined illumination, allowing you to explore both transparent and opaque objects.
Steve (2017.10.12)
Hi! Does this microscope require batteries?
Customer service:
They are only required in case you want to use incandescent lamp illumination. Using mirror illumination, you won’t need them.
Tony Finch (2017.09.15)
Is there anything worthy within 50$?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M101 is the best choice in this price category.
Tony Finch (2017.09.15)
Hello! I want to make a birthday gift for my 6 y.o. son. I am choosing between Levenhuk LabZZ M2 and Levenhuk LabZZ101, which one will you recommend?
Customer service:
In terms of optics quality Levenhuk LabZZ M101 microscope is definitely better.
Eugene Watt (2017.08.05)
Could you tell me please how should I use the Barlow lens that is included in 50L Plus microscope kit? Should I just fix it in the ocular tube and then put an eyepiece on top for the 2x magnification? Or do I need to pull the tube out in order to get the 2x magnification? Also, what does the scale from 10 to 40 on the Barlow Lens mean?
Customer service:
In order to get larger magnification you need to pull out the Barlow lens. The more you pull it out, the larger its magnification. The scale shows the level of magnification.
Bernard Warren (2017.06.14)
What can I study through this microscope apart from the ready-made slides?
Customer service:
You can see thin cuts of fruit skin and leaves, protozoa and insects using Levenhuk LabZZ M2 microscope (you will have to illuminate the sample yourself from the top).
Cody Spencer (2017.05.30)
Will this microscope be suitable for watching microorganisms in a drop of water?
Customer service:
No, Levenhuk LabZZ M2 microscope isn't suitable for these purposes
Alex Bredford (2017.02.28)
Hello. Is it possible to see insects through this microscope, for example, a mosquito, a fly?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is not suitable for observing insects. It is equipped with lower illumination only. To view opaque objects, you need a microscope with top illumination. For example, Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope - .
Matthew Fuller (2017.01.01)
Hell!. Bought LabZZ M2 microscope… and there is no instructions on how to prepare a sample from the components included in the package? Where can I find this information?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 microscope user manual can be downloaded on the product description page ("References and Downloads" section).
Joann Roach (2016.12.15)
Can I observe your prepared slides sets with this model? Thank you
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope allows you to observe Levenhuk prepared slides sets.
Carmella Vang (2016.11.21)
Which microscope will be a good choice for viewing bugs, mosquitoes, bees wings and other tiny things? Or maybe a simple magnifier will do the job?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is suitable for viewing transparent samples. To observe opaque objects (bugs, spiders, etc.) you will need a microscope with upper lighting. For example, Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope - . You can also buy a magnifiers with 5x and more magnification.
Ivan Byers (2016.11.04)
Can I observe bacteria, blood with this microscope?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 microscope doesn't have enough power for these tasks. Please consider Levenhuk 320 PLUS Biological Monocular Microscope - .
Felix Pate (2016.11.01)
suitable for a 8 yo child?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ M2 microscope is designed for familiarization with the microcosm of preschool-aged children. We recommend that you consider Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope - .
Guy Coleman (2016.10.31)
Could you please advise me the best microscope for about $100 (or lower)?
Customer service:
Please consider Levenhuk Rainbow series microscopes - .
Ed Cox (2016.10.18)
Does the kit include a case?
Customer service:
No, Levenhuk LabZZ M2 kit doesn't include a case. Consider the Levenhuk LabZZ M3 model - .
Ed Cox (2016.10.14)
Can I use this model to observe Levenhuk N20 NG slides?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk N20 NG set is ideal for observations with Levenhuk LabZZ M2 microscope.
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