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Magnification: 7–63x. The Greenough optical design. Trinocular head, LED transmitted light illuminator 5W, LED reflected light oblique illuminator 3W

The microscope head is a core element of the microscope that you look through to see a magnified sample
7–63 basic configuration (*optional: 3.5–315); zoom ratio 9:1
How much the size of a sample increases when you observe it through a microscope
For applied research
Application and use of the microscope

Product ID 82910
Warranty 5 years
EAN 5905555018560
Package size (LxWxH) 17.3x16.5x26.4 in
Shipping Weight 25.4 lb

The MAGUS Stereo 9T Stereomicroscope forms a non-inverted three-dimensional image and has a large working distance. You can examine samples but also conduct experiments with them. The Greenough optical scheme produces images that are sharp and three-dimensional which is essential for high-precision observations. The microscope is equipped with a zoom lens and two illuminators (transmitted and reflected light) and can be optionally upgraded with additional accessories. Excellent choice for restoration, soldering, modeling, machinery service repair, and quality control.


The microscope has a trinocular head with a trinocular tube for mounting a camera. A C-mount adapter is included, but a digital camera must be purchased separately. The trinocular head rotates 360°. The zoom objective combined with a 10x eyepiece provides magnification from 7x to 63x. Thanks to the zoom lens, the magnification changes without reducing the focus. If you use auxiliary objectives (not included), you can change the magnification range, working distance, and field of view of the microscope. With optional accessories, the magnification of the microscope can be increased up to 315x.


The working area is lit by two LED illuminators: 5W transmitted light illuminator and 3W reflected light (oblique) illuminator. Both illuminators are AC powered, bright, do not change color temperature when adjusting brightness, and have a 50,000-hour life.

Stage and focusing mechanism

One of the included plates is installed on the stage: double-sided black and white, white, or transparent. The first plate is used for observing opaque objects and makes the image high contrast. Dark-colored samples are examined on the white side, while light-colored samples - on the black side. White and transparent plates are used when you are observing translucent and transparent samples and want to achieve maximum brightness and uniform illumination of the working area.

The microscope has a coarse and fine focusing mechanism. Fine focusing is used at magnifications above 40x. Coarse focusing has tension adjustment.


To extend the microscope’s capabilities, use additional accessories such as eyepieces, auxiliary lenses, calibration slides, and digital cameras. It is also possible to install a device for polarized light observations.

Key features:

  • Zoom objective with a zoom ratio of 9:1
  • 360° rotation of the trinocular head, trinocular tube for photo and video shooting
  • Greenough optical scheme, three-dimensional image with a large depth of field
  • Transmitted and reflected (oblique) illumination, two durable LED illuminators
  • Optional accessories to improve microscope performance

The kit includes:

  • Base with integrated transmitted light source and power supply unit
  • Stand with focusing mechanism
  • Trinocular head
  • Eyepiece 10x/22 mm (2 pcs.)
  • Black-and-white stage plate
  • White plate
  • Transparent plate
  • Reflected light oblique illuminator
  • C-mount adapter
  • AC power cord
  • Dust cover
  • User manual and warranty card

Available on request:

  • 15x/15mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 16x/15mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 20x/12mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • 25x/9mm eyepiece (2 pcs.)
  • Auxiliary objective 0.5x
  • Auxiliary objective 2x
  • Reflected ring light illuminator
  • Polarization device
  • Digital camera
  • Calibration slide
Product ID 82910
Warranty 5 years
EAN 5905555018560
Package size (LxWxH) 17.3x16.5x26.4 in
Shipping Weight 25.4 lb
Type stereo/instrumental
Head trinocular
Nozzle 360 ° rotatable
Head inclination angle 45 °
Magnification, x 7–63 basic configuration (*optional: 3.5–315); zoom ratio 9:1
Eyepiece tube diameter, in 1.2
Eyepieces 10x/22mm, long eye relief (*optional: 15x/15mm, 16x/15mm, 20x/12mm, 25x/9mm)
Objectives 0.7–6.3x (*optional: with 0.5x auxiliary objective: 0.35–3.15x; with 2x auxiliary objective: 1.4–12.6x)
Working distance, mm 110 (with 0.5x auxiliary objective: 188; with 2x auxiliary objective: 40.4)
Interpupillary distance, in 2.1 — 3
Field of view, mm 31.43–3.49 (with 0.5x auxiliary objective: 62.85–6.98; with 2x auxiliary objective: 15.71–1.745), with a 10x eyepiece
Stage, mm Ø90
Stage features white plate, black/white plate, transparent plate
Eyepiece diopter adjustment, diopters ±5D on each eyepiece
Focus coaxial, coarse (83mm, with coarse focusing tension adjustment) and fine (0.002mm)
Illumination LED
Brightness adjustment
Power supply 220V/50Hz, AC network
Light source type reflected light: oblique illuminator – 3W LED; transmitted light: 5W LED
Ability to connect additional equipment polarization device
User level experienced users, professionals
Assembly and installation difficulty level complicated
Optical scheme Greenough
Application for applied research
Illumination location dual
Research method bright field
Pouch/case/bag in set dust cover
Weight, lbs 17.6
Dimensions, in 11x18.2x13.2
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