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Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 60mm. Focal length: 700mm

Optical design
Aperture – the diameter of the light-collecting lens (refractors and catadioptric) or mirror (reflectors) that the telescope uses to collect light
Focal length – the distance from the primary lens or mirror to the point at which the light is focused

Product ID 69738
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555002668
Package size (LxWxH) 28.7x9.1x5.5 in
Shipping Weight 6.7 lb

Levenhuk LabZZ T3 is a children’s telescope with up to 175x magnification. Amazing wonders become immediately available right after unpacking: Solar System planets and their large satellites, bright constellations and huge star clusters. Installation of the diagonal mirror or erecting eyepiece (both included) allows for terrestrial viewing as well, since produced images will be direct.

The telescope comes with a powerful 5x optical finderscope. The easy-to-use alt-azimuth mount won’t give you any trouble when pointing the telescope at any object. The stable aluminum mount securely holds the optical tube and doesn’t produce any unnecessary vibration during observations. The tripod features a convenient accessory tray, where you can place all required accessories. The kit also includes a 3x Barlow lens, which makes your telescope three times more powerful.


  • Powerful children’s telescope
  • Rich accessories kit
  • Up to 175x magnification power with standard kit accessories
  • Easy control and light weight
  • The ability to study terrestrial objects

The kit includes:

  • Telescope
  • 4mm eyepiece
  • 12.5mm eyepiece
  • 1.5х erecting eyepiece
  • 3x Barlow lens
  • 5x optical finder
  • Diagonal mirror
  • Aluminum tripod with accessory tray
Product ID 69738
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 5905555002668
Package size (LxWxH) 28.7x9.1x5.5 in
Shipping Weight 6.7 lb
Optical design refractor
Optics material optical glass
Objective lens diameter (aperture), in 2.4
Focal length, in 27.6
Highest practical power, x 120
Aperture ratio f/11.7
Limiting stellar magnitude 10.99
Eyepieces 1.5x erecting eyepiece, 4mm (175х), 12.5mm (56x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in 0.96
Barlow lens 3x
Finderscope optical, 5x
Tripod aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), in adjustable, 29.53–47.24
Accessory tray
Telescope control manual
Mount alt-azimuth
Optical tube material aluminum
User level for children, beginners
Assembly and installation difficulty level extremely simple
Observed object planets of the Solar System, terrestrial objects
Extended kit
Questions and Answers
Maria Morrow (2018.03.21)
Hello! Will I be able to equip this instrument with some additional lenses for more detailed observations? Tell me if it is not possible because of a non-standard barrel diameter. Thanks for your help.
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope has a non-standard barrel diameter, so you won’t be able to install other lenses.
Nina (2017.12.05)
Hello! Which telescope is better for a kid 8 yo? Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 AZ, Levenhuk LabZZ T3 or Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50? Important things: it should be easy to assemble and manage and suitable for terrestrial observations.
Customer service:
Among these three models, Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope will be preferable due to the largest lens diameter. It is also great for terrestrial viewing.
Rimma Kapinski (2017.11.24)
Hi! Please tell me which telescope is better: the one from the Levenhuk LabZZ MTA3 Kit or Levenhuk LabZZ T3? I’m a little confused because of comments. Some tell that the telescope is only suitable for observations of the Moon and terrestrial viewing. But one of the comments under MTB3 says: The telescope’s kit allows you to see the phases of Venus, the Moon craters of 7–10km diameters, the cloud stripes on Jupiter, and Uranus and Neptune in the form of small greenish stars. Magnification also differs: 120 against 175
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope comes with 3x Barlow lens (that explains the difference in magnification). Besides that, these telescopes are identical.
Cathrine (2017.09.22)
Will I see ground objects clearly? And what distance? Will the magnification be better than 10x binoculars?
Customer service:
You will see ground objects well using Levenhuk LabZZ T2 telescope. The telescope will magnify better than 10x binoculars.
Liana (2017.04.12)
Good evening. I have been browsing and cant make a choice for 3 days already. Found this store in the instagram. Considered a lot of stores, but this one attracts that goods are described well. And so I got confused. I want to choose a telescope which one you advise me me? It is better to observe the terrestrial, the planet of the solar system, wherever they appear. Levenchuk skyline50-600AZ, levenchuk ladzz T2, levenchuk LadzzT3, whichever you suggest the best of them? And then all the details of the device can be purchased separately like when broke something and nowhere else can find such details. Please reply to me soon, I would not want to be late with the gift. Thank you !!!
Customer service:
With the Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 AZ, Levenhuk LabZZ T2 and Levenhuk LabZZ T3 telescopes, you cannot observe the planets of the Solar system or the rings of Saturn. These telescopes allow observing the Moon in detail. Moreover, they are suitable for terrestrial observations. To observe distant planets, choose telescopes with a 70mm aperture; for example: Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 70 Telescope . For detailed planet study, we recommend telescopes with a 90mm aperture.
Rupert Doyle (2017.01.25)
Hello! Tell me... what lenses are made of? glass or plastic?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 telescope optics is made of high-quality optical plastic.
Cleo Keith (2016.11.29)
Hello! What planets will I be able to see with this telescope? You write about Solar System planets, but could you specify which ones exactly?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 is a great telescope for viewing the Moon. Planets will be seen as small 'peas' in the sky.
Bob Harmon (2016.11.28)
direction adjustment is performed with a special wheel?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 telescope is installed on Alt-azimuth mount. Adjustment is made manually and fixed with screws.
Mark Warner (2016.11.26)
Which telescope should I choose? Levenhuk LabZZ T3 or Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 AZ?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 model will be the best choice due to a larger diameter of the lens and the focal length.
Alan Becker (2016.11.05)
Hello! My 5 yo daughter asked me to buy her a telescope on her birthday... could you please tell me what objects can be seen with this telescope? solar system planets? Maybe you can provide me with some image examples, so that I could understand... or this tool is just a toy?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope is suitable for planetary observations. The Moon will be great, planets - not so much, they will appear as small 'peas'. For quality observations of planets we would recommend buying a telescope with at least 70mm aperture. Please consider Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 70 Telescope -
Max Cohen (2016.10.20)
What solar filter will fit this model?
Customer service:
Unfortunately, we don't have a suitable solar filter in our product range at the time.
Ed Cox (2016.10.18)
Is this telescope suitable for planetary viewing?
Customer service:
Planets will appear as small ''peas''. Levenhuk LabZZ T3 telescope is great for lunar and terrestrial observations.
Ed Cox (2016.10.18)
Could you please suggest any additional accessories to this model?
Customer service:
Consider these items: Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen
( ), "See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook
( ), and Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter ( ).
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