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Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 70mm. Focal length: 700mm

Optical design
Aperture – the diameter of the light-collecting lens (refractors and catadioptric) or mirror (reflectors) that the telescope uses to collect light

Product ID 24295
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 0611901508924
Package size (LxWxH) 11.8x38.6x9.8 in
Shipping Weight 14.3 lb

Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is a classic refractor with an azimuth mount. It allows you to examine in detail planets and their satellites, as well as the surface structure of celestial objects. Due to the long focus (700 millimeters, 27.6 inches), the image provided is very clear. In combination with high resolution (1.9 arcseconds), this allows us to study the surface of planets, lunar craters and fractures, and various atmospheric phenomena. This telescope is perfect for terrestrial observations and the study of double stars. As far as long distance objects are concerned, you can see all the Messier objects very well.


  • The telescope has a factory default adjustment and does not require additional and frequent adjustment;
  • Contrast and sharp images in high resolution without chromatic aberration;
  • Highly detailed pictures even at large aperture;
  • Can be used for photographing the Moon and planets;
  • Suitable for both terrestrial and astronomical observations;
  • Ideal for planetary observations and observations of binary stars;
  • Suitable for beginners.

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube (optical elements inside)
  • SUPER 25 and SUPER 10 eyepieces
  • Altazimuth mount AZ2
  • Aluminum tripod
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • Diagonal mirror
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

The telescope is mounted on a powerful and stable mount AZ2, which is well suited for medium-sized telescopes. Such construction is especially popular among novice astronomers, since you can manage the telescope easily and conveniently. The mount has a special shelf for accessories, and it is light and easy to use. The aluminum tripod has a height adjustment.

Two achromatic eyepieces SUPER 10 and SUPER 25 with a 1.25-inch (31.75-millimeter) diameter are included in the package and serve as powerful image correction tools. The optics used in the eyepiece are glass with a special coating. Field of view is 50–52 degrees.

Product ID 24295
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 0611901508924
Package size (LxWxH) 11.8x38.6x9.8 in
Shipping Weight 14.3 lb
Optical design refractor
Optical scheme achromat
Objective lens diameter (aperture), in 2.8
Highest practical power, x 140
Aperture ratio f/10
Resolution threshold, arcseconds 1.9
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.2
Eyepieces SUPER 25 mm (28x), SUPER 10mm (70x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in 1.25
Barlow lens 2x
Finderscope optical, 6x24
Focuser 1.25", rack & pinion
Tripod aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), in 25.59–49.21
Mount alt-azimuth
User level for children, beginners
Observed object planets of the Solar System
Questions and Answers
Serjio Cantu (2018.03.27)
Hi! What objects will I see ’out of the box’? without purchasingadditional eyepieces, lenses, filters
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70o700 AZ Telescope allows you to observe:
binary stars with angular separation of over 2"", e.g. Albireo, Mizar, etc.;
faint stars (up to 11.5 stellar magnitude);
sunspots (with an aperture filter);
phases of Venus;
lunar craters (8 km in diameter);
polar ice caps and maria on Mars during oppositions;
atmospheric bands on Jupiter and the Great Red Spot (GRS) under ideal conditions, four moons of Jupiter;
rings of Saturn, Cassini Division under ideal conditions, pink atmospheric band on the planetary disk;
Uranus and Neptune as stars;
large globular, e.g. M13, and open clusters;
almost all of the Messier objects (not detailed)
Jamal Hass (2018.02.20)
In the description I read that this telescope is able to show cloud belts of Jupiter, but I tried to observe them and all I got was a bright dot…. What did I do wrong?
Customer service:
In Levenhuk Skyline 70o700 AZ Telescope you can see Jupiter’s cloud belts but only in ideal atmosphere conditions (as the telescope’s aperture is not that large). Note that light pollution will also prevent you from seeing them.
Pine Mille (2017.12.20)
what weather conditions are withstandable by this telescope?
Customer service:
Temperature operating range of the Levenhuk Skyline 70o700 AZ model: -13...95°F (-25...+35°C).
Vanessa (2017.08.13)
Is it solar eclipse safe
Customer service:
Dear Vanessa, thank you for interest in Levenhuk products. This telescope comes without solar filter. We have 3 models that will fit your needs: Levenhuk Strike 900 Pro telescope, Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope and Levenhuk Strike 1000 PRO Telescope. Is there any additional information you might need?
Tara Zuniga (2015.12.28)
Hello! Bought this telescope as a gift and just realized that there's also a mount included in the package... So the question is... can I install a camera on it? Or it's only suitable for telescopes?
Customer service:
No, the mount from the kit is designed especially for use with telescopes. You can't install a camera on it - the fasteners aren't suitable.
Romanov (2015.11.30)
Is there any significant difference in image quality between these telescope models?
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ
Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ
Levenhuk Skyline 70x900 EQ
The best one is, of course, the most expensive one, right?
Customer service:
Image quality differs slightly. We would recommend the Levenhuk Skyline 70x900 EQ as a preferable model.
Andy Pena (2015.11.29)
Hi! I want to choose a beginning level telescope to observe both near and very distant celestial objects (it's going to be a present for my brother, so please help me out)... Is this model a good choice?
And, if I get it right, I will need special lenses in order to observe the Sun, planets (for example Saturn and Jupiter) is it so? are they included in the kit?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ model is a very good choice. The telescope will show you craters and mountains on the Moon, phases of Venus, atmospheric bands on Jupiter and its four moons, rings of Saturn and its largest moon Titan, binary stars, star clusters, as well as bright nebulae and galaxies. The kit includes 2x Barlow lens. No additional lenses are required. Don't forget to use solar filter when observing the Sun. Color filters are also recommended for better experience when observing planets.
Bill (2015.09.21)
Hello! Is this telescope a good choice for an astrologer?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is a great choice for an astrologer.
Ivan Vang (2015.08.12)
If I use 5x-3x eyepiece, will it affect image quality? The scope is Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ.
Customer service:
You can use 5mm eyepiece with the Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ telescope in order to get it to its highest practical power (140x). To get medium magnification, 9mm eyepiece is recommended (77x). 3mm eyepiece is not suitable for use with Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ, as highest practical power will be exceeded.
Max Goodwin (2015.04.22)
Hello! My question may sound a bit silly to you, but I'd like to know if it is possible to observe celestial objects through window glass? If not then what should I do? How to observe? Thank you!
Customer service:
Yes, it is possible to observe through window glass, but you have to understand that it may result in image quality loss. If you don't want to sacrifice image quality, it is better to observe from a balcony or take the instrument with you to the countryside.
Ted Thornton (2015.04.21)
Hello! Can I use this telescope for deep sky astronomy? Thank you in advance!
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is suitable for observing deep-sky objects.
ANDY QUINN (2015.04.05)
I live on the outskirts of the city, is this telescope suitable for this area? Should I choose something else?
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is perfect for both urban and countryside observations.
Adriana Lopez (2015.03.07)
Can I use this telescope for observing from my balcony?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is perfect for urban observations.
Anthony Bright (2015.02.19)
I'm going to use this telescope with Synta Sky-Watcher UWA 58° 8 mm, 1.25" eyepiece. Will I be able to see phases of Venus, bands on Jupiter, Saturn's rings and its moon Titan???
Customer service:
To observe Titan and Mercury we would recommend using 6 mm eyepiece, other specified objects can be seen with 8-millimeter eyepiece.
Anthony Bright (2015.02.19)
This telescope comes with 10 mm eyepiece, I'd like to know its specifications such as eye relief and field of view.
Customer service:
The 10 mm eyepiece that is included in the kit with the Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ model has a 9-mm eye relief and a field of view of 50°.
Anthony Bright (2015.02.16)
which eyepiece (5mm or 7mm) is better suited for planetary observations? For better image quality, contrast and sharpness (Venus phases and Jupiter's disk). I don't want to use Barlow, it reduces image quality, as I've noticed.
Customer service:
To obtain better image quality observing the Moon and planets with the Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ telescope we would recommend using 7 mm eyepiece.
Casey Carver (2014.11.25)
Can I observe Solar System planets with this telescope?
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope will show you mountains and craters on the Moon, the phases of Venus, Jupiter's disk with cloud bands and its four satellites, the rings of Saturn and Titan, a great number of double stars and star clusters, as well as bright nebulae and galaxies.
Framk Hughes (2014.09.25)
I'm a beginner. I wonder - can a person without experience assemble and use telescope single-handed?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk Skyline PRO 80 MAK telescope comes with detailed user manual that will help you with this task. It won't be very difficult.
Shawn Simmons (2014.08.19)
This model didn't let me down, eyepieces in the kit are great and barlow lens is very useful.
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope.
Thelma Spalding (2014.06.28)
I have Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ telescope. When focusing during terrestrial observations I have to almost completely pull the focuser out. Is it normal? Is it specifics of construction or should I replace the focuser? Or is it because I observe ground objects that are too close? Photos made with this telescope are sharp across the entire field of view, no chromatic aberrations. I wear glasses only when I'm reading, I observe without glasses.
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ! You are right: the closer the object you observe, the further you need to pull out the focuser.
Shane Fleming (2014.06.12)
Greetings! Thanks for your quick response! And one more thing... can I use 45 degrees 1.25" prism from the standard kit of Celestron travel scope 70? Thank you!
Customer service:
Yes, this erecting prism is suitable for use with Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ.
Shane Fleming (2014.06.11)
Hello! according to the picture I can see that the prism is removable... Can I replace it with 45 degrees prism? Will it affect eyepiece adjustment?
Customer service:
Yes, you can install an erecting prism, it won't affect eyepieces in any way.
Thelma Spalding (2014.05.13)
Thank you for your patience and help - we beginners ask so many silly questions:) I was going to buy 7 mm eyepiece and then I noticed that there were only 6.3 and 7.5 mm eyepieces... Why don't you sell 7 mm? I mean there's no such thing as F: 630 or F:750 mm, they are 600 mm and 700 mm 1. So why use such numbers? 2. If you don't have 7 mm which one should I get, 6.3 or 7.5?
Customer service:
1. Such values make eyepieces more versatile. 2. It depends on what are you going to observe with this telescope. If you'd like to observe deep-sky objects - 7.5 mm will be more suitable, for planets 6.3 mm is better.
Thelma Spalding (2014.05.10)
Is it reasonable to purchase 7 mm eyepiece to my skyline 70x700? I saw an article on your website that tells what aperture is needed to observe particular celestial objects so I've noticed that for the majority of them 100x magnification is required. Using accessories from the kit I can get 28, 56, 70 and 140x. Do I get it right that 70x is not enough and 140x is a bit too much?
Customer service:
Yes, you understand everything correctly. 7mm eyepiece will be a great addition to your equipment.
Thelma Spalding (2014.05.08)
I've purchased Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ here... It was my first experience with telescopes and I have several questions now: 1. Why the image is inverted through the finderscope? 2. When attaching an eyepiece to telescope tube without a mirror the Moon appears perfectly round when it's only half moon in the sky. 3. Why under 140x magnification the Moon rapidly disappears from the field of view while with 28x increase it remains in sight for a pretty long time? I'm sure you will answer all these questions, so thank you in advance!
Customer service:
1. The image seen through standard finderscopes is inverted or 'upside down' (rotated 180 degrees).
2. Produced image depends on an eyepiece used and observing conditions.
3. The Earth is rotating, celestial objects are moving - under higher increase it is just more noticeable.
James Milton (2014.03.03)
Which eyepieces can I buy additionally? Can I buy 3x Barlow lens in addition to this model?
Customer service:
To get Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ to its highest practical power of 140x all you need to do is buy 5 mm focal lenght eyepiece, for instance Levenhuk Ra LER 5 mm Eyepiece: . Alternatively you can use the Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens ( ) together with the SUPER 10 eyepiece (70x), which is already included in the kit.
Rafael Cox (2014.02.05)
We want to buy a telescope or a spotting scope for our son (he's 8). We're looking for something up to $100-$130. + we have no experience here. Could you please suggest any models? Thanks in advance
Customer service:
The Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ telescope is an excellent choice for you!
Tony (2014.01.28)
Thanks for the answer! :) What an awesome telescope! I've no regrets of buying it! ;)
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ!
Tony (2014.01.28)
what does Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus look like through this telescope? What do the closest galaxies look like?
Customer service:
By using Levenhuk Skyline 70h700 AZ Telescope you can observe the belts on Jupiter, the Great Red Spot (under ideal conditions), the four moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, the Cassini division (under ideal conditions), pink belt of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the form of stars, almost all of the Messier objects (not detailed).
Jerry Kent (2014.01.24)
How many x do I need to see mars?!
Customer service:
Mars is visible even with the naked eye. But starting from 140x you will be able to see it like little bead.
Jerry Kent (2014.01.24)
I've got 2x barlow lens so I saw mars but I didn't see it before!
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ.
Jacob Bauer (2014.01.20)
help me please, I need a telescope (up to $150) both for myself and for my kid. Which one is better? if possible I'd like to observe terrestrial objects. Thanks
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope costs only $119.95. It's perfect for beginners. The highest practical power out of the box is 140x; and it provides you with an opportunity to observe terrestrial objects.
Philip Mcclure (2014.01.08)
What telescope is good enough for 11 y/o kid by quality-price ratio?
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is perfect by quality-price ratio for beginning astronomer.
Johnny MCLEAN (2013.12.15)
Some telescopes have ""deep-sky objects"" in the description, but their magnification is less than for the ""solar system objects"" why???
Customer service:
We recommend you to learn more about types of telescopes in our Beginner's Short Guide to Telescopes here:
Also we need to add that telescope's magnification (the highest practical power) is its diameter multiplied by 2! So when choosing a telescope you need to focus on what you want to see through it, choose lens telescope in case of observing planets (for example, Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope) or mirror one for deep-sky observations.
Bryan Farrell (2013.12.08)
Please tell me what effect will I get if I use Bresser 3x barlow lens combined with 10 mm eyepiece (included in the kit)? Does it mean that magnification can be 210x in spite of declared 140x in the description?
Customer service:
When exceeding the highest practical power (for Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ it's 140x indeed) the image quality will become significantly poorer, the picture will be very dark.
Bryan Farrell (2013.11.01)
levenhuk skyline 70x700 az comes with a diagonal mirror. but I can't attach it to the tube because diagonal mirror's diameter is bigger. so DO I need any additional accessory to connect them or I can observe without this diagonal mirror and in that case the objects will be seen upside down? thanks
Customer service:
To resolve this problem please contact our Customer Service Department .
Brynn (2013.09.30)
I am a beginner. I want to purchase telescope like this. To be more exact I will get it as a gift, but I am the one to choose. My friend keeps telling me that observing through a telescope is nothing special at all, that only dots in the sky (stars) will become larger and that's it. That's why I wanna know what I will be able to see FOR SURE. I know there is some info on what you can see in the description, but I see texts like this one everywhere, so I don't trust them. And I'm not sure that it's possible to see other planets (jupiter, saturn) and their moons. Please provide detailed information on why observing through telescope is interesting, how much more I will be able to see, and what exactly I will be able to see.
Customer service:
You will be able to observe the following celestial objects:

Binary stars with the separation between their components more than 2" - Albireo, Mizar, etc.
Faint stars up to 11.5 stellar magnitude
Sunspots (with aperture filter only)
The phases of Venus
Lunar craters with a diameter of 5 miles
Polar caps and seas on Mars during opposition
Atmospheric flows of Jupiter and even the Great Red Spot in perfect conditions, 4 of Jupiter moons
The rings on Saturn and the Cassini Gap in excellent visibility conditions
Uranus and Neptune as stars
Large globular clusters (such as Messier 13) and open clusters
Almost every object from the Messier catalogue (but without details).
Frank McAuley (2013.09.21)
is it possible to observe on a cloudy weather?
Customer service:
On a cloudy day, a telescope is only good for terrestrial observations. In the sky you will be able to see only clouds.
Brigitte Baumgarten (2013.09.09)
It's a good telescope. Bought it because I saw an adv online. Now I want to observe the Sun. Didn't think about that opportunity straight away. So tell me please do you have solar filters for this telescope?
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback! Yes, you can find the solar filter you need here:
Mary Morgan (2013.08.22)
Hello! It's an excellent telescope.
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback.
Eric Turner (2013.08.21)
is it possible to see the Milky Way and under which conditions?
Customer service:
Yes, it's possible. The best way to observe the Milky Way is away from city lights. The best time to observe the Milky Way is a summer evening for the Northern Hemisphere and winter evening for the Southern Hemisphere.
Lori Wells (2013.08.06)
Hi! I own Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ telescope, it was my Christmas gift =))) now I want to buy an SLR and try astrophotography. Which T-adapter I need for this telescope and is there anything else required for connecting an SLR to the telescope? The camera I'm going to buy is Canon.
Best regards and thanks a lot =)
Customer service:
Unfortunately we don't have the required accessories; consider using digital cameras designed specifically for astrophotography:
Beatriz Miller (2013.07.09)
is it possible to use 1.5x erecting eyepiece with this telescope?and what if I additionally install Barlow lens included in the kit?is there a point in buying optical filters for this telescope?focal ratio is not large as it is...
Customer service:
You can do that in theory, but if you use all of these accessories together, the image quality will significantly deteriorate. It's possible to use a 10 mm eyepiece and 2x Barlow lens to get the telescope to its highest practical power. When observing with small aperture telescope you have to use more transparent filters; otherwise. the brightness will be reduced so much that you won't be able to see any details.
Elaine Cushman (2013.07.07)
How much does it weight?
Customer service:
The weight of the Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is 14.3 lbs. in the packaging box.
Marilyn (2013.07.03)
which telescope is appropriate for teenagers? to observe planets?thanks
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ is an excellent choice.
Terri Umphres (2013.06.29)
Hi.Thanks for your answer!I would like to ask you if tube made of SILUMIN is quality at all?How long will it serve?Thank you in advance.
Customer service:
We haven't had any complaints about the quality of this telescope's tube; service life is unlimited.
Terri Umphres (2013.06.28)
Hi!I wanna know what is telescope tube made of?Thanks in advance.
Customer service:
The telescope tube is made of silumin.
Felix Berdum (2013.06.27)
Super 10 and Super 25 eyepieces used together with Barlow lens: without Barlow lens the views are sharp but not increased enough, with Barlow lens it's magnified fine, but looses contrast
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback.
Dev Crevello (2013.05.26)
Hello, help me choose between this model and Levenhuk Strike 80 NG. Is Barlow lens helping at all or is it better to buy Strike 80 NG and additional eyepiece to get it to the highest practical power?
Customer service:
We recommend the Levenhuk Strike 80 NG since it has a larger objective lens diameter and advanced kit.
Mary Geter (2013.04.25)
It's a good telescope for a reasonable price.
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ!
Diane (2013.03.17)
which option is better: 10 mm eyepiece + 2x Barlow lens or 5 mm eyepiece? Is there a point in buying a 5 mm eyepiece for this telescope?
Customer service:
It is better to use just one accessory, an eyepiece with a focal length of 5 mm, which will help you to get your telescope to its highest practical power of 140x.
Ken Allard (2013.03.17)
Good day! I am experiencing some issues with optics. I can't adjust a telescope correctly to see diffraction rings around the star. Telescope is Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ. Please help
Customer service:
The Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope doesn't require any additional adjustments. Maybe there is something wrong with the eyepiece you use. Please specify which eyepiece is installed.
Brian (2013.02.27)
Is there a Barlow lens included in the kit?
What do the the names of SUPER10 and SUPER25 eyepieces mean
Customer service:
The Barlow lens is included in the kit. SUPER10 and SUPER25 are achromatic eyepieces with wide field of view of 50-52 degrees and focal length of 10 and 25 mm respectively
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