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Newtonian telescope. Aperture: 76mm. Focal length: 700mm

Optical design
Aperture – the diameter of the light-collecting lens (refractors and catadioptric) or mirror (reflectors) that the telescope uses to collect light

Product ID 27644
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 0611901508948
Package size (LxWxH) 9.8x37.4x11.8 in
Shipping Weight 13.2 lb

The Newtonian optical design of Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ reflector is one of the oldest and most popular optical designs. This telescope is a perfect choice for amateur stargazers embarking on their first journey through the mysteries of the universe. Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ is very easy to set up and use, yet it still yields high-quality views of observed objects and, more importantly, it comes at a very reasonable price. The optical design of this telescope eliminates chromatic aberration, which is common in most refracting telescopes and is especially noticeable during observations of brighter objects. The Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ kit includes everything you will need to begin your observations. The 76-mm primary mirror gathers up to 100 times more light than the naked eye, and is capable of showing you many objects in the Solar System and beyond: lunar craters and maria, phases of Venus, the planetary disk of Jupiter and four of its moons, rings of Saturn, Titan, binary stars and star clusters, and even bright nebulae and galaxies.

Telescope mirrors have special protective coatings that ensure long service life of the instrument. The durable and lightweight optical tube is attached to an altazimuth mount with intuitive manual controls, and the tripod may be adjusted to height. The 6x optical finderscope allows you to easily navigate to the desired celestial object and center it in your view. The telescope kit includes two eyepieces with focal lengths of 10 and 25 mm and field of view of 52°. When attached to the optical tube, these eyepieces yield 70x and 28x magnifications respectively. Glass lenses on both eyepieces are fully multi-coated for additional clarity and sharpness of produced views. The linear focuser has a barrel diameter of 1.25", which allows you to use a variety of accessories available on the market today – you can even use other eyepieces with this telescope, so that the assembly yields higher magnifications (keep in mind, however, that the highest practical power of this telescope is 152x).

The Skyline series was designed for stargazers, looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use instrument for visual observations. Amateur stargazers and experienced observers alike are sure to be pleased with the capabilities and expansive kits of Skyline telescopes.

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube (optical elements inside)
  • SUPER 25 and SUPER 10 eyepieces
  • Altazimuth mount AZ1
  • Aluminum tripod
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Product ID 27644
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 0611901508948
Package size (LxWxH) 9.8x37.4x11.8 in
Shipping Weight 13.2 lb
Optical design reflector
Optical scheme Newtonian
Primary mirror diameter (aperture), in 3
Secondary mirror diameter, in 0.8
Highest practical power, x 152
Resolution threshold, arcseconds 1.8
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.4
Eyepieces SUPER 25 mm (28x), SUPER 10mm (70x)
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in 1.25
Barlow lens 2x
Finderscope optical, 6x24
Focuser 1.25", rack & pinion
Tripod aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), in adjustable, 26.38–46.85
Mount alt-azimuth
Optical tube dimensions, in 4.9x30.0
Optical tube weight, lbs 3.9
User level for children, beginners
Observed object deep-sky objects
Questions and Answers
Limalia Mohammad Aboobakar (2018.10.02)
Hello. Does this telescope view upside down?
If so, can it be used for observing mountains,ect.. on earth?
Customer service:
Dear Limalia, thank you for interest in Levenhuk products.Newtonian Reflectors will produce an image that is upside down and are not recommended for land use. There are no ways to correct this with a Newtonian Reflector. We'd recommend to consider buying a spotting scope. The image will be direct and it is perfect for land use. Or you can buy a refractor or Cassegrain telescope. The image will be corrected right side up, but backwards from left to right. It will look like trying to read a sign in a mirror. There are special diagonals called Erect Image Prism diagonals that can correct the backwards image for land use. Our LabZZ telescopes come with this erecting eyepiece. Is there any additional information you might need?
Vas (2017.10.10)
objective lens diameter?
Customer service:
Objective lens diameter of the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ is 76 mm.
Perkins (2017.09.09)
Hello, we bought Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ telescope for our sons birthday, tried to look at stars and moon from the balcony of our flat, but only saw them as dim spots (the sky was clear, no bright light). I watched videos and reviews, but still no result. Then I read FAQs on this telescope and realized it is not suitable for big city conditions. We don`t have time to go to the countryside because we are working all week. Are there any upgrading options, that will allow to use it in the city or is it pointless?
Customer service:
You can use Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ telescope in the city, but it is prone to light pollution. This can`t be fixed, unfortunately. Another reason for dim picture is poor alignment. It is necessary to adjust the telescope each time you move it. Did you do that?
John Carlton (2017.09.06)
What can I see through this telescope?
Customer service:
Large spherical star clusters, bright nebulae. In fact, under good observation conditions, you will be able to see all Messier objects using this telescope. You will also see sunspots (always use the solar filter when observing the Sun), the phases of Venus, the lunar craters 7–10km in diameter, the cloud stripes on Jupiter and its four satellites, the rings of Saturn, and under good conditions, Cassini Division, Uranus and Neptune in the form of small greenish stars.
Leo (2017.08.03)
Can I use this eyepiece with Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus microscope without the Barlow lens? How can I set up an eyepiece without the Barlow lens? Should the eyepiece be hanging freely in the ocular tube, or is there any way I can fix it stably in there?
Customer service:
Levenhuk Rainbow WF16x eyepiece fits Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus microscope. It is used without the Barlow lens.
Mahrya (2016.05.30)
Does the price/size of a telescope determine the quality of observations?
Customer service:
Dear Mahrya, thank you for interest in Levenhuk products. Newtonian telescopes is better to use in the countryside with low light pollution. You will be able to observe The Moon and planets with the help of this scope. Is there any information you may need?
Barbara Dunn (2016.05.12)
Hi! When will the erecting eyepiece come back to sale?
Customer service:
Unfortunately, it is not expected in the near future.
Stuart (2016.02.04)
Can I observe galaxies and solar system objects with this telescope? Will I get good quality views?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ produces quality views of galaxies and Solar System objects.
Ian Jimenez (2015.11.09)
The description says you can use it for deep-sky observations, is it true?
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ Telescope allows you to observe binary stars, star clusters as well as bright nebulae and galaxies.
Bill (2015.09.21)
Hello! Why is it not suitable for urban observations? (by the way we live on the 12th floor, high enough I guess... so why not?)
Customer service:
The Newtonian reflector is more suitable for viewing deep-sky objects. Generally, deep-sky objects are faint objects. It is very hard (nearly impossible) to observe with low brightness in highly-polluted urban skies. In the city you can observe the Sun, the Moon, Solar System planets with their brightest satellites. For planetary observations, we would recommend using a refracting telescope.
Rick Fowler (2015.09.17)
Can I use both 7.6 mm eyepiece and 2x barlow at once? I'm trying to observe Mars, but I see almost nothing...
Customer service:
The maximum useful magnification of the telescope is 152x. If you use both 7.6mm eyepiece and 2x Barlow at once, the magnification will be 184x. Consider using other eyepieces, for example 4.6mm ones.
Steve Anglin (2015.02.10)
I'm a beginner and I do not quite understand why I see some kind of a triangle? I mean I can see a star, for example, and there is this black triangle blocking the view. Is it supposed to be like that? Or should I make some additional adjustments?
Customer service:
We recommend adjusting your telescope's mirrors, as specified in the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ User Manual.
Cristina Manfry (2015.02.09)
Recently we bought this telescope here, following all the instructions in the user guide we assembled the telescope, made all the needed adjustments... but we have one tiny problem... produced images are inverted... is it ok? Or we made a mistake somewhere?
Customer service:
Yes, it is supposed to be this way with Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ Telescope. The image produced by the mirror system is upside-down and mirrored.
Nathan B. (2015.02.02)
Why is it when I observe Jupiter all I see is just bright circle? I tried using Barlow lens, when observed without it, I have changed eyepieces (10mm, 25mm), but no such luck…So it's like there is no difference between observing the stars and observing the planet.
Customer service:
The Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ allows you to observe Jupiter and its moons. It's possible that you were observing under adverse weather conditions.
Brett Miles (2015.01.03)
We have recently purchased this telescope... How to assemble and align the instrument?
Customer service:
Instructions for assembly and adjustment can be found in the user manual that comes in the kit with Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ Telescope.
Glen Soto (2014.12.27)
Hello! Could you please help me with installing eyepieces and Barlow lenses (that come in the kit) on this telescope? In what order should I attach them?
Customer service:
First you should install the "searching" SUPER 25 eyepiece. To obtain higher increase you can use the Barlow lens and 10mm eyepiece. In this case, first install the Barlow lens and then attach the 25 mm eyepiece to it.
Danny Burns (2014.08.18)
Can I observe terrestrial objects with Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ? Thanks in advance.
Customer service:
You can observe terrestrial objects with the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ telescope, but the image will be mirrored and inverted upside down.
Dale Stone (2014.07.31)
But can I observe the Moon without optical filter? And please tell me why is image inverted?
Customer service:
For lunar observations you can use the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ telescope with or without filter. Optical filters allow you to get more contrast and detailed images. All reflectors produce inverted images due to their optical design.
Robert Christophersen (2014.05.07)
Is Ra LER 3 mm eyepiece suitable for this telescope? {{ {{ }} }}
Customer service:
We do not recommend using Levenhuk Ra LER 3 mm Eyepiece with this model since the maximum useful magnification will be exceeded (you will get around 233x). What you need is 5 mm eyepiece.
Scott Vinson (2014.04.27)
Please tell me whether it is possible to use Bresser 3x barlow lens together with the Levenhuk Ra LER 5 mm eyepiece and this telescope? If yes, what maximum increase can I obtain by using such combination?
Customer service:
The 3x Barlow lens will produce 210x magnification power and the highest practical power of this telescope is 150x. That's why it is better to use 5 mm eyepiece alone.
Amanda Lane (2014.03.21)
Hello! I bought this model Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ. We've managed to point it on the star but the image is separated with something like a triangle. Is it supposed to be like that? Or something wrong with the adjustment?
Customer service:
Your instrument may need adjustment. Instruction with detailed information on how to do it was sent to your e-mail address.
Alan Howell (2014.03.08)
Hello everyone! Tell me please how can I attach a SLR camera to this telescope? If it is possible...
Customer service:
To attach SLR camera to Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ you need a special adapter that should be chosen depending on your camera model, T-ring and T-adapter are required.
Arnold Brooks (2014.02.26)
Hello. Through this telescope I see images not only inverted, but also diagonally reflected. Is that supposed to be so?
Customer service:
Telescope orientation doesn't matter when observing celestial objects. As for terrestrial objects, Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ is not supposed to be used for terrestrial observations.
Javier Richardson (2014.02.09)
One more question: is there a big difference (for planetary observations) between using 10 mm eyepiece combined with 2x barlow lens and 5mm eyepiece?
Customer service:
Usually image quality is better when only one accessory is used, so we recommend you to use 5 mm eyepiece with the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ telescope.
Javier Richardson (2014.02.09)
Good day! Is Levenhuk LET 5 mm 1,25" eyepiece suitable for the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ model?
Customer service:
Yes, the Levenhuk LET 5 mm 1,25" eyepiece is suitable for the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ telescope.
Ted Henson (2014.01.13)
HI there! At what temperature is this telescope supposed to be used? It's like -10 here.
Customer service:
Temperature requirements for Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ Telescope: - 40...104 F.
Julie Harrel (2014.01.07)
So which one will be more interesting and overall better for 11 y/o kid: levenhuk skyline 76x700 or levenhuk skyline 70x700? Thanks
Customer service:
Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ is more preferable due to its optical design (refractor) which provides a possibility to observe in the city. This telescope is also easier to use and maintain (lens telescopes are a lot less demanding than reflectors in this regard), provides erect images and can be used as a spotting scope!
Kerk Dalton (2013.11.05)
Is the image real or mirrored left to right?
Customer service:
Reflector gives you an upside down mirrored image and refractor provides an erect image (when fitted with an erecting prism).
Kerk Dalton (2013.11.05)
I'd like to know if refractors distort colors and if reflectors do. By the way I'm a beginner so could you explain to me where am I supposed to look to see something.
Customer service:
1) Yes, refractors are exposed to chromatic aberrations. That's why there may be color rendition defects and undesirable color edging. Reflectors may have a spherical aberration. This leads to blurring of image edges.
2) You are supposed to look through the telescope eyepiece.
Kari Leavitt (2013.08.26)
The question: if I get it right, using with this telescope 10mm eyepiece and 2x Barlow lens the magnification will be 140x?
Customer service:
Yes, you are right. By combining a 10mm eyepiece and 2x Barlow lens you will get the magnification of 140x.
Raymond Wong (2013.08.25)
Good afternoon. Please, help me with setting it up. I can not cope with focusing: when revolving focus knobs the image in the eyepiece is missing. What am I doing wrong?
Customer service:
Check the User Manual, is everything assembled right? You should start the adjustment using the eyepiece with longer focal length.
Jessica (2013.08.19)
bought this telescope in June 2013, this is my first one! Totally worth the money! Very convenient and light! It's possible to see Saturn with its rings, and Titan satellite, Jupiter with its four the biggest satellites (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto), and, also, you can see double stars, nebulae and star clusters.
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback!
Matthew (2013.07.12)
Thanks for the advice!:)
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback!
Karen Hendricks (2013.05.24)
As a photographer, I wonder... can I set DSLR camera on this telescope using T-adaptor and coupler?
Customer service:
Yes, you can attach a DSLR camera to the Levenhuk Skyline 76x700 AZ Telescope.
Gloria (2013.04.16)
barlow lens comes in the kit with this telescope as I can see on the pic? thanks in advance!
Customer service:
Yes, 2x Barlow Lens is included in the kit.
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