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Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Objective lens diameter: 90mm. Focal length: 1250mm

Optical design
Aperture – the diameter of the light-collecting lens (refractors and catadioptric) or mirror (reflectors) that the telescope uses to collect light
Focal length – the distance from the primary lens or mirror to the point at which the light is focused

Product ID 65574
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 0611901509433
Package size (LxWxH) 19.3x9.1x34.3 in
Shipping Weight 28.2 lb

Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO is the most compact model of the Strike PRO series, which means it can be easily transported to the countryside for stargazing. The Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design provides for compact size and light weight of this telescope, but still yields high-quality views of celestial objects. The focal length of 1250 millimeters (49.2 inches) provides for detailed views during planetary observations, while the objective lens diameter of 90 millimeters (3.5 inches) allows you to study various deep-sky objects. All in all, this a perfect model for anyone who enjoys traveling, or who just does not have enough space to store a telescope at home.

Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope will become indispensable for experienced astronomers. Its tube is set up on a German equatorial mount EQ1, complete with slow-motion controls. You have to align an equatorial mount before your observations, but it is far more useful than an altazimuth mount during observations of moving objects. It has special setting circles that allow you to point your telescope to a celestial object using its celestial coordinates. It also compensates for the daily rotation of Earth with just a turn of a slow-motion control. You can even install an equatorial computerized drive system! The mount is set up on an adjustable tripod with an accessory tray.

High-quality optics for best results. The 90-millimeter (3.5-inch) objective lens and the fully multi-coated optics gather and transmit enough light for really bright and sharp views of celestial objects. Levenhuk eyepieces supplied in the kit are made to the highest standard and significantly expand the capabilities of your telescope. The T-thread on the focuser allows you to attach a camera to your telescope through a special adapter (purchased separately), so you can capture the most impressive views during your observations.

A truly advanced kit of Strike PRO Telescopes. All the telescopes from Strike PRO series are supplied with the standard kit of Strike models with some really useful extras that will allow you to venture deeper into the cosmos during your astronomical observations. In addition to printed materials, additional eyepieces, a compass and planetarium software, you will also find the following extras in your kit: a 6.3-millimeter (1/4-inch) Plössl eyepiece, a 2x Barlow lens, a set of filters, lunar and solar filters, and a wonderful Levenhuk Zongo 60 Telescope Case. The telescope comes in a colorful box.

No other telescope has so many extras supplied in its standard kit, which makes Levenhuk Strike PRO Telescopes even more appealing for astronomers ready to learn more about the universe around them. With such an advanced kit, you can begin uncovering the mysteries of space right after unpacking your new telescope!

Amazing kit of a Levenhuk Strike PRO Telescope:

1. "See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook. This practical handbook will come in handy for amateur stargazers and those who want to brush up on their knowledge of the universe. The book contains detailed information on 280 celestial objects, their images (in color), star charts and other pictures. You will also find some information on various optical designs of telescopes.

2. Stellarium. This is 3D planetarium software that allows you to plan your observations and explore the night sky several years in the future. The database contains over 600,000 constellations, stars, comets, planets and their satellites and much, much more.

3. Space Posters Set (Moon, Sun and Other Stars, Solar System). These high-quality colorful posters contain interesting information about celestial bodies. Illustrations and captions present this information in an easy-to-read format. The posters are 84x60cm (33x24in).

4. Planisphere is a rotating star chart that lets you see the way stars have aligned a few centuries in the past or, if you wish, a hundred years in the future. All you need to do is align the viewer and the star chart, providing a date and time.

5. Levenhuk DC45 Compass. At times, even astronomers need a compass. Before you begin your observations, you always have to get yourself oriented to the Northern Pole. It is much easier when you have a compass ready! And after you find Polaris by the Northern Pole, you will see familiar constellations and other stars.

6. 6.3mm Plössl eyepiece. This practical eyepiece yields high magnifications that allow you to study the Moon and planets of the Solar System in detail. All the optical elements are made of fully multi-coated glass and provide very bright and sharp images.

7. 2x Barlow lens. A Barlow lens is capable of doubling the focal length of the telescope, therefore doubling the magnification of your eyepieces. This makes your views of the Moon and planets even more detailed. A Barlow lens has to be placed before the eyepiece and does not reduce the resulting quality of your views.

8. Set of filters. These four filters may be used during planetary observations. They enhance the features of observed objects, which allows you to see even more details on the planetary surface.

9. Lunar filter. This filter reduces the glare of the lunar surface during observations. It does not reduce the quality of the resulting image nor does it change the natural colors of the Moon, but enhances every detail of lunar craters and highlands.

10. Solar filter. This filter is made of special Baader Planetarium AstroSolar Visual film that absorbs radiation from the sun and allows for comfortable observations of the star without any decrease in quality of the resulting image. Under no circumstances should you observe the Sun without a solar filter, as this may cause permanent retinal damage.

11. Levenhuk Zongo 60 Telescope Case; Small, Blue. This case is made of a sturdy waterproof material, and the padded lining protects the telescope from impact. It is also fitted with handle straps, full-length zippers and separate compartments for the mount and accessories.

The kit includes:

  • Levenhuk Strike PRO Telescope on a German equatorial mount
  • Aluminum tripod
  • Eyepieces: SUPER 10mm, SUPER 20mm
  • An additional Plössl 6.3mm eyepiece
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • Set of filters
  • Lunar filter
  • Solar filter
  • Red Dot finder scope
  • Diagonal mirror
  • "See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook with descriptions of 280 celestial objects
  • Space Posters Set (Moon, Sun and Other Stars, Solar System)
  • Planisphere
  • Stellarium software CD to assist you during your astronomical observations
  • Compass
  • Levenhuk Zongo 60 Telescope Case
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Product ID 65574
Brand Levenhuk, Inc., USA
Warranty lifetime
EAN 0611901509433
Package size (LxWxH) 19.3x9.1x34.3 in
Shipping Weight 28.2 lb
Optical design catadioptric
Optical scheme Maksutov-Cassegrain
Optics coating fully multi-coated
Objective lens diameter (aperture), in 3.5
Focal length, in 49.2
Highest practical power, x 180
Aperture ratio f/13.9
Resolution threshold, arcseconds 1.5
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.7
Eyepieces SUPER 20mm, SUPER 10mm, Plössl 6.3mm
Eyepiece barrel diameter, in 1.25
Finderscope red dot
Focuser 1.25"
Tripod aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), in 27.95–49.21
Mount equatorial, EQ1
User level for children, beginners
Assembly and installation difficulty level easy
Questions and Answers
Bill King (2017.05.31)
Can I see the Crab Nebula?
Customer service:
You can see the Crab nebula in the telescope with a lens diameter starting at 100mm. Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope isn't suitable for this purpose.
Michael Allen (2017.05.04)
Can I observe objects without setting up the polar axis?
Customer service:
Yes, you can observe objects using Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope without setting up the polar axis.
Richard Hall (2017.05.03)
Can I do the observations without setting up the mount?
Customer service:
Setting up the mount is necessary to observe objects.
alexander (2017.04.29)
Is it good for a 12-13-year-old boy?
Customer service:
The Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope is perfect for a 12?13 year old child!
alexander (2017.04.29)
1. What are the main differences from the refractor levenhuk 900 pro? 2. Uranus will be seen as a pea? 3. Atthe maximum magnification what diameter Jupiter will have in mm?. 4. Is it possible to fix this mount so that it does not shake while observing
Customer service:
1) The Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope and the Levenhuk Strike 900 PRO telescope differ in optical scheme and focal length. 2) Uranus and Neptune look like small disks without details in telescope tube. 3) Unfortunately, Jupiter’s diameter cannot be measured at maximum magnification. 4) The Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope mounting is fairly stable during observations.
Lisa (2016.05.09)
Hello, is the sunfilter that comes with the kit safe to use? Or should I try projecting the sun instead?
Customer service:
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the query.
The solar filter that comes with the Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope is absolutely safe to use, there is nothing else needed for solar observations.
Megan Reeves (2016.04.18)
Hello what's the difference between EQ1 and EQ2 mounts?
Customer service:
These types of equatorial mounts differ by payload capacity.
Amy Lorie (2016.04.13)
Hello I have this scope and have bought a T-ring for astrophotography. Is there a way to make increase during photography higher? Some accessories?
Customer service:
When taking pictures with an SLR camera and Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope (or any other telescope), the resulting magnification depends on the camera.
Glen Blackwell (2016.03.19)
Hello! How to attach eos 600d camera to this telescope?
Customer service:
You will need a T-ring designed especially for your camera model.
Kyle (2016.02.04)
Hello! Is this telescope suitable for a beginner? Is it a good model? Thank you in advance!
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO is a perfect choice for a beginner.
Max Kidd (2015.03.31)
Tell me please... will image quality be very different when I use 7mm eyepiece or 7-21mm zoom eyepiece at maximum magnification?
Customer service:
There will be some difference in image quality, but not very significant.
Serge Zable (2015.02.17)
how to wipe the dust from the objective lens? I have the Levenhuk 950 telescope, just don't want to damage the optics...
Customer service:
We recommend that you use Levenhuk cleaning cloths and cleaning spray.
Serge Zable (2015.02.11)
Bought the 950 model... totally worth the money! The very first day I was lucky to observe Jupiter and its moons. Quite an experience! The picture was incredibly sharp, I didn't expect such great quality. Jupiter is the brightest object on the sky at the moment, I read it on some website about astronomy, and yeah... it is! I really like this telescope, thank you!
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope!
DUANE HARTMAN (2014.12.12)
Hello! Is this telescope model suitable for home use? (to observe from a balcony, yard and so on...)
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO Telescope is suitable for observations from balcony under urban conditions.
Sam Helms (2014.11.03)
Today I have received a tremendous package with a telescope. I unpacked it immediately, checked everything: all elements are of a very good quality. The design in general and all the details are so solidly made, everything packed securely and the case is very convenient. I got the delivery on the 3rd day, didn't expect that it would be so fast. I'm so glad that I have chosen your store! I will definitely shop here again, thank you!
Customer service:
Thank you for your feedback on Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO!
Edwin Sherman (2014.06.18)
Hello! Could you please provide me with specifications of all eyepieces included in the kit? to be specific I need FOV and field stop (I need it for Stellarium program)
Customer service:
SUPER 10 mm, SUPER 20 mm and Plossl 6.3 mm eyepieces have field of view of 52°.
Ricky Berger (2014.05.06)
I use 10 mm eyepiece ( 125x ), 6.3 mm (198x > max useful magnification). What size Mars appears when observed with 6.3 mm eyepiece?
Customer service:
If the maximum useful magnification is exceeded the image quality will be worse, Mars at this magnification will appear pea-sized.
Ricky Berger (2014.05.04)
Is there any possibility to achieve higher magnification? how can I do it? The planets appear too small:(
Customer service:
Magnification depends on the eyepieces used, please, specify, which eyepieces you are working with.
FELIX (2014.03.23)
What field of view does SUPER 25 eyepiece have?
Customer service:
The field of view of the SUPER 25 mm eyepiece is 52°.
Sergio (2014.03.11)
Could you recommend the best telescope in your opinion for observing Solar System and deep sky? So I wouldn't need to buy any additional eyepieces and so on. About 500 $. I'm so tired of looking for the right model, thanks in advance!
Customer service:
Thanks to the rich kit of accessories, lifetime warranty and versatility Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO will be the best choice.
Scott Brewer (2014.01.08)
Hi! Tell me, will I be able to observe terrestrial objects through this telescope? Thanks in advance!
Customer service:
Yes, it's possible to observe terrestrial objects through Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope. To get "direct" images, you will need an erecting prism.
Ken Chan (2013.12.24)
One little question: the description says that this telescope has 1250 focal length, but its title says 950? Where is the truth?
Customer service:
Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO has focal length of 1250 millimeters. "Strike 950 PRO" - it's just a model name in our Strike telescope series, if you look through all of the telescopes, you will notice, that this number mostly matches with the objective lens or mirror diameter, but certainly not with the focal length.
Ken Chan (2013.12.19)
So which eyepiece is included in the kit? 25 mm or 20 mm there's a difference!
Customer service:
The eyepieces included in the kit: SUPER 10 mm, SUPER 20 mm, Plossl 6.3 mm eyepiece.
Ken Chan (2013.12.19)
Which optical design is more appropriate for planetary observations: refractor or catadioptric?
Customer service:
Both refracting and catadioptric telescopes are suitable for observing planets. Catadioptric telescope is suitable for deep-sky observing as well.
Allen McGuinty (2013.12.19)
Hello, tell me how it differs from Levenhuk strike 950 pro. So levenhuk strike 950 pro comes with more accessories, has a great mount, larger focal length, and after all is a catadioptric. Is there something else?
Customer service:
This is the Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope. Please specify which telescopes are we comparing exactly?
anita morales (2013.12.19)
I meant with eyepieces included in the kit. Thanks in advance.
Customer service:
The highest practical power out of the box for Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO is 198x with the Plossl 6.3 mm eyepiece included in the kit.
anita morales (2013.12.16)
Is the diagonal mirror included in the kit? And what images will be like?
Customer service:
Yes, the diagonal mirror is included in the kit with Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO telescope. The produced image will be mirrored.
anita morales (2013.12.16)
What's the difference between EQ1 and EQ2 equatorial mounts?
Customer service:
They are almost the same, but EQ1 supports up to 2 kg, and EQ2 - 3 kg, so EQ2 is steadier.
anita morales (2013.12.16)
The smaller the focal ratio then what...?
Customer service:
Focal ratio is the most essential feature for an astrograph. The less it is the less will be the object's brightness at specified exposure.
Linda Montoya (2013.12.06)
Tell me please, the difference in focal ratio between this model and 900 PRO will strongly affect the quality of observation? You advised me 950 model as a preferable choice, but it features f/13.9 focal ratio against f/10 of 900 model.
Customer service:
For visual observations the focal ratio is not that important. How bright the image will appear to human eye depends on the objective lens diameter (aperture) and not on the focal ratio. And these two models have the same value.
Linda Montoya (2013.12.05)
Which one will be a better choice? Strike 950 PRO or Strike 900 PRO and why? I'm going to observe from my terrace. And outside the city too. It will be my first telescope.
Customer service:
We would recommend buying Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO. These two telescopes have quite similar optical capabilities, but Strike 950 PRO takes less place, features larger focal length (which is important for image quality at high magnifications), it's better suited for deep-sky observations when you are tired of observing planets and the Moon, the effect of chromatic aberrations is reduced to minimum (colored iris around lighted objects).
Kate Wrubel (2013.10.24)
tell me please which exact filters are included in the kit? And what kind of Barlow lens? Does it have any a T-adapter?
Customer service:
There are yellow, blue, red, green and lunar filters included in the kit. 2x Barlow lens doesn't have a T-adapter.
Russel Wade (2013.07.10)
Hi. I wanna order Red Dot finderscope suitable for this telescope. Suggest the right model pls!
Customer service:
Red Dot finderscope is included in the kit of the Levenhuk Strike 950 PRO model.
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