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Introducing three new laboratory microscopes by Levenhuk!


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Check out the updates in the Microscopes section. Three new professional models by Levenhuk are available for purchase.

Levenhuk D400T is a digital biological microscope in the Levenhuk 400 series. A 3.1MP camera is included. It can be installed in the eyepiece tube. Levenhuk D400T features a trinocular head, wide-field achromatic optics, mechanical scale, collector lens, and Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm. Among other things, its extended kit includes a 100x objective lens that can be used for oil immersion. This instrument can be used for visual observations as well as photographing samples, video shooting, and transmitting the image to the screen.

Levenhuk D900T is a powerful trinocular microscope in the Levenhuk 900 series. It is suitable for the laboratory research of any level of complexity as well as capturing photos and videos, as it has a 5.1MP digital camera in the kit. It is equipped with wide-field achromatic optics, lower 3W LED lighting for observations in transmitted light, and collector lens with adjustable brightness. You can use this microscope for classic “dry” observations as well as using the oil immersion method.

Levenhuk MED PRO 600 Fluo is a professional fluorescence microscope. It can be utilized for observing in a bright field or conducting research using the fluorescent method. This microscope features semi-apochromatic infinity-corrected optics. The trinocular head consists of a binocular visual part and an ocular tube for installing a digital camera in it. Levenhuk MED PRO 600 Fluo is suitable for observations using “dry” and immersion methods.

Please note that these and other Levenhuk microscopes have a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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