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Levenhuk company: latest news and events for July and August 2019


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We present to you the latest company news. We continue to expand our market presence and keep leading positions in thematic rankings. In Europe, there was a large release of new products as well as a launch of new limited time offers. Keep on reading to learn more.

New products

  • Levenhuk G50 1H and Levenhuk G50 2H Blank Slides. New microscope blank slides feature either one or two cavities and are designed for researching specimens using the hanging drop technique. Slides with cavities allow for studying alive water microorganisms and conducting complicated microbiological research.
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  • Levenhuk Karma BASE Binoculars. A series of inexpensive universal optical instruments for observations at 8x or 10x magnification. All of the models are based on roof prisms and are suitable for daytime observations; adaptable to a tripod. This new series is designed to replace the old Levenhuk Karma series.
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  • Levenhuk Zeno Handy, Refit, and Lamp Magnifiers. There are models for reading, professional activities, handheld or on a stand, and lamp magnifiers. New magnifiers help in performing various tasks, including soldering, needlework, or jewelry and watch repair.
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  • Levenhuk DTX 350 LCD Digital Microscope. A standard USB microscope with a 0.3M camera and quality LCD screen for applied works and as a home hobby. It allows you to observe an image from an objective lens on a screen in real-time mode.
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  • Levenhuk Skyline BASE 80T Telescope. A refracting telescope on an alt-azimuth mount. It has an 80mm objective, coated optics, and a balanced kit of optical accessories.
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  • Levenhuk Blaze D200 Spotting Scope. New digital spotting scope for photo hunting! The model transmits a crisp and bright image. It can be used for visual observations, photographing, and recording videos in 1080p. This low-budget spotting scope differs from the Blaze D500 model by the absence of a screen. Instead, a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen can be used for observations.
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  • Levenhuk Blaze BASE 80 and Blaze BASE 100 Spotting Scopes. Two high-aperture spotting scopes with zoom eyepieces. Convenient, reliable, and with good optics. Metal tripod and hard case for storage and portability included. These models continue the Blaze BASE series: now this product line is complete and contains a range of spotting scopes with magnification from 50x to 100x.
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Levenhuk MED Medical Microscopes

  • 29 models for professionals — they will certainly be appreciated by microbiologists, physicians, biochemists, and specialists in other fields of science. The range includes classic models, models with “infinite” optics and models with digital cameras, including cameras with LCD screens.
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  • Levenhuk microscopes — the best in Poland. Levenhuk optics has again been named the most popular brand in Poland by! In just six months from the beginning of the year, the share of Levenhuk optical instruments in the Microscopes and Magnifiers category increased from 73.3% to 92.1%.
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  • Levenhuk Bruno PLUS 15x70 — Best Astronomy Binocular 2019. With this title, the binoculars were awarded by a popular web source,! The selection criteria included quality, cost, and versatility.
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Levenhuk around the world

Levenhuk is constantly growing and evolving by covering new territories, improving Levenhuk products and making them even better. ‘Levenhuk around the world’ is exactly where you can find all of the most important and most interesting news and publications about Levenhuk from all over the world.

Currently, high-quality Levenhuk optical products are already available in 37 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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