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Meet our new products: Dobsonian telescope and optical tubes for deep sky observations from Levenhuk Ra series, eyepieces, Barlow lenses, filter sets, and coma corrector


Dear customers and visitors,

We would like to introduce new Levenhuk optical instruments for astronomy amateurs. These are the new telescope and optical tubes in the Levenhuk Ra series as well as the significant expansion of the eyepiece and additional accessory range. Here are our new products!


Levenhuk Ra 150N Dobson Telescope is an entry-level Newtonian reflector with a paraboloid primary mirror and aluminum coating of the optics. It is mounted on the easy-to-use Dobsonian mount. It is more robust than regular bearings and provides the smooth movement of the optical tube. The kit includes two eyepieces with a different focal length, so you can start observations right away. The telescope is well suited for visual observations outside of the city lights.

Levenhuk Ra 200N F5 OTA is an optical tube with the 200mm aperture. Its paraboloid primary mirror features aluminum coating and cooling fan. It almost doubles the temperature stabilization of optics, so that you can start observations much faster. It is perfect for deep sky observations and compatible with all 2’‘ accessories. It is more affordable, as a tripod, mount, and eyepieces are not included in the kit.

Levenhuk Ra 150C Cassegrain OTA is a Cassegrain reflector that features the primary paraboloid mirror and secondary hyperboloid mirror. Due to this, the transmitted picture has no spherical distortion. The tube provides a wonderful picture of the night sky. It is affordable, as its kit doesn’t include any optical accessories. The tube is a great choice for beginner users.

Barlow lenses

A Barlow lens is an optical accessory that expands the capabilities of any telescope. It increases the magnification of the optical system and can be used with different eyepieces. Therefore, three eyepieces and one Barlow lens provide six different magnifications. Achromatic lenses are the most affordable. They provide pictures that are pleasant to watch. ED achromatic glass lenses reduce chromatic aberrations much better. They cost a little more but they provide a sharper image. Apochromatic lenses render the highest quality image.

Plössl Eyepieces

Plössl Eyepieces are classic accessories for astronomical observations. If you don’t know which eyepiece to choose, take this one. The Plössl eyepiece is a great accessory that is well suited for any kind of observations. Its incontestable advantage is a reasonable price. All of the Levenhuk Plössl eyepieces are made of optical glass and fully multi-coated. They feature a 1.25’‘ barrel diameter, light filter thread, and fold-down eyecup.

Filter Sets

Light filters emphasize subtle details. They provide a more detailed observation of well-known astronomical objects. We offer three sets. Each of them includes a different number of light filters.

Other accessories

There is one new accessory for high-aperture reflectors in the Levenhuk Ra series. It corrects the coma (an optical distortion) that usually arises at the edges of the image and narrowing the field of view. The Coma Corrector features a 2’‘ barrel diameter and does not affect the magnification of the telescope.

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