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New accessories for microscopes in the Levenhuk MED series


Dear customers and visitors,

We are excited to introduce to you 18 eyepieces and objectives for microscopes. They are all from the Levenhuk MED series and compatible with most modern microscopes.


Classic universal eyepieces with a 30 mm barrel diameter. Their lenses are made of glass and housed in the metal body. They render a high-quality image. These eyepieces are a great choice for both amateur and laboratory observations.

Achromatic objectives

In comparison with classic optical systems, the achromatic optics render the sharper and more contrast image. The Levenhuk MED series includes two achromatic objectives with 20x and 60x magnification. The 60x objective is equipped with the spring-loaded frame.

Plan Achromatic Objectives

Plan Achromatic Optics provide the highest quality image. These lenses are an excellent choice for laboratory research as they eliminate most optical aberrations. Plan Achromatic Objectives are suitable for microbiological research. The Levenhuk MED series includes objectives with 4x to 100x magnification. The 100x objective can be used for oil immersion. Three objectives (40х, 60х, and 100х) feature a spring-loaded frame.

Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives

Infinity-corrected optics allows for installing a wide range of additional accessories for microscopes: polarizers, phase contrast devices, and others. However, the objectives should also be infinity-corrected. The Levenhuk MED series has six new infinity plan achromatic objectives. They feature 4x to 100x magnification. A 100x objective can be used for oil immersion, and the 40x, 60x, and 100x objectives are equipped with protective spring-loaded frames.

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