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New measuring instruments and accessories from the Ermenrich brand


Dear customers and visitors,

The range offered on our website has been expanded with Ermenrich measuring instruments for construction, repair, and geodetic work – laser meters, gas detectors, radiation detectors, a voltage tester, and a laser receiver as well as other useful accessories.

12 models of Ermenrich Reel laser meters for fast and accurate measurements during construction, repairs, and other work.

Ermenrich Reel GE laser meters are designed for measuring distances, areas, volumes, and angles. They have a Pythagorean theorem feature and memory for 99 groups of measurements. The models have different maximum measuring ranges:

Ermenrich Reel GK laser meters are used for measuring distances, calculating volume and area, and making calculations using indirect measurements (Pythagorean theorem feature). They have one bubble level and memory for 20 data groups. The difference between the models is the maximum measuring range:

Ermenrich Reel GS laser meters are functionally identical to GK models, but they have two bubble levels:

Two new models of gas detectors will help detect flammable gases and determine their concentration in the air:

  • Ermenrich NG35 Gas Detector – more than 14 types of detected gases, LCD display, three types of alerts, and up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation
  • Ermenrich NG60 Gas Detector – more than 14 types of detected gases, simultaneous display of four parameters, sound, light alerts and vibration, and up to 18 hours of uninterrupted operation

New compact radiation detectors based on a Geiger-Muller counter to measure background radiation in the environment, food, and household items:

In addition, a voltage tester went on sale:

  • Ermenrich Zing WT22 Voltage Tester – a tool for checking cables for breaks and detecting voltage; a compact, convenient device with simple controls and a built-in flashlight

Among the useful accessories, you will find:

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