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Dimensions: 24x24 mm / 0.94x0.94 in. Thickness: 0.13–0.17 mm / 0.005–0.006 in

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Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips are essential for making micro preparations yourself. They are used to cover a specimen placed on the blank slide, which demands top-quality for such material.

The Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips are made of high-quality glass using the latest technologies. A high degree of transparency, low thickness, and homogeneous structure of the glass (no microcracks and bubbles) render a good quality image without any distortion.

The set contains 100 square cover slips with a thickness of 0.13-0.17mm.

Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips may be used with any model of the optical microscope in all fields of research, industry, and even for hobby purposes.


  • Dimensions: 24x24 mm (0.94x0.94 in)
  • Thickness: 0.13–0.17 mm (0.005x0.006 in)
  • Box of 100 pieces

Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.

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