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Optics cleaning accessory

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Cleaning the optical elements of your instruments is an extremely difficult task that requires a certain level of precision and expertise. Cleaning lenses, with their hair-thin intricate coatings, is even harder as you can easily damage such a thin coating just by accidentally touching it. Fortunately, there is now a tool for the job – the Levenhuk Cleaning Pen LP10 will clean all optical elements with care and ease.

With this pen you can clean just about anything from optical surfaces. Clean dust from an objective lens or an eyepiece with a special retractable brush on one end of the pen, and remove greasy stains with a soft tip on the other end. The soft tip is treated with a special cleaning fluid that carefully removes dust and grease particles without smudging them on the surface and damaging the anti-reflective coating as a result. Telescope objective lenses, microscope eyepieces, viewfinders, camera lenses – all your optics will be immaculate with this cleaning pen!

Thanks to the compact size of the Levenhuk Cleaning Pen LP10, you can carry it wherever you go. It will easily fit in your pocket, and you can use whenever you need it most!


  • Easy-to-use optics cleaning accessory;
  • Leaves no smudges or stains;
  • Does not damage optical coatings of the lenses;
  • Removes dust with a brush;
  • The soft tip is treated with a special cleaning fluid that removes greasy stains.

Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.

Airic Benton (2018.03.20)
is the solution suitable for cleaning optics of any brand?
Customer service:
That is correct, Levenhuk Cleaning Pen LP10 is suitable for any kind of optics.

Anon (2017.11.19)
what cleaning solution is used in this pen? won’t it harm optical elements?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen is made especially for optics cleaning and won’t do any harm to delicate optical surfaces. The soft tip of the pen is treated with a special cleaning fluid; the other tip has carbon powder, absorbent, which removes greasy stains from the optics.

Vick Palmer (2017.02.15)
Good afternoon! I've recently bought Levenhuk Cleaning Pen LP10... and now I have a question: what's the black powder that remains on the lenses after cleaning? How can I remove it from the lenses? I tried to use a cotton pad, which even became slightly black. So the cleaning composition remains on the lens? Won't it hurt the coatings? Oh... and what is the second side of the pencil with a triangular head is used for? Thank you for your help.
Customer service:
The special cleaning fluid of grey color is carbon powder, absorbent. It cleans off grease stains from the optics. It can be removed with a brush or cotton pad. The triangular side is designed for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Casey Dean (2016.09.12)
Can I use it for cleaning my Celestron Astromaster 76 EQ?
Customer service:
Yes, Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen can be used for cleaning any optical surface.

Alan Smith (2015.10.12)
How many batteries does it take?
Customer service:
Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen doesn't require any batteries.

Nicole Nelson (2015.03.20)
Is it safe to use this pen on ruby coating?
Customer service:
Yes, you can use Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen for cleaning optics with ruby coating.

Fading L. (2015.03.08)
hello, is it gonna work for cleaning immersion oil from a microscope objective lens?
Customer service:
We recommend using Levenhuk Lens Cleaning Spray for this purpose.

Nicky (2014.05.16)
Is it suitable for cleaning optical filters?
Customer service:
Yes, but you have to be very careful so you won't puncture the film.

Carrie (2014.04.01)
Is it really that good for dust and grease cleaning?? I can't get rid of dust on my microscope. I tried to use spirit, it didn't work. I'm not sure that this pen is able to clean anything better than spirit.
Customer service:
Never use spirit for optics cleaning! It can damage the coating. Levenhuk Cleaning Pen LP10 with its special cleaning fluid and special retractable brush removes dust in hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, there are cases when dust enters the inner space of objectives or eyepieces. In this case, it is better to ask for professional help.

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