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Special optics care products are essential for keeping the optical elements clean. They also prolong the service life of your telescope. This section contains only quality accessories for optics: cleaning spray, lens cleaning cloths, compressed air, and more. They provide careful and proper cleaning from dust, grease, and dirt. Moreover, modern optics cleaning tools neither leave lint nor damage optics anti-reflecting coatings.

photograph Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen
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Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen
image Levenhuk Optics Cleaning Cloth
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Levenhuk Optics Cleaning Cloth

Optics cleaning tools for your devices

Cleaning of optics and the matrix are critical operations to maintain the level of optical equipment performance. To keep the above structural elements clean, special agents are necessary. The most popular items included in a group of accessories for cleaning optics and the matrix are the cleaning agents used to clean optics. This is no surprise since it is the front eyepiece of the lens (or a light filter, if there is any) that gets contaminated most often.

The main reasons for optics contamination are dust and atmospheric phenomena (rain, snow and fog). Even rain high in the mountains would leave drop traces that must be cleaned. To clean a lens, use a cleaning solution: cleaning pens and pencils, where the concave shape of the tip follows the convex shape of lens eyepieces and light filters. In addition, sprays and fibre optic cleaner are also widely used.

When you pick cleaning solutions to clean a camera lens and matrix, choose items that are best to clean certain contaminants. If contamination is high, sprays are reasonable in many cases. Most often (to remove dust and traces from drops and fingers), optics pencils and pens are used. Some cleaning agents are supplied in sets. Accessories used to clean the optics and the matrix can be purchased in Levenhuk online shop. We pay the closest attention to the quality of products offered. You can maintain the perfect state of the operated equipment.