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15 new MAGUS microscopes: biological, polarizing, metallurgical, stereoscopic, and fluorescence


We are excited to introduce new professional MAGUS microscopes.

Key features of the new products:

  • Intelligent lighting system: illumination brightness automatically adjusts when changing objectives
  • LCD screen: It displays the key operating parameters of the microscope (illumination brightness, magnification of the working objective, and operating mode)
  • The Metal V790 DIC model uses the differential interference contrast method
  • The Bio 290T model comes with motorized components: revolving nosepiece and condenser
  • Digital models feature built-in cameras
  • Stereomicroscopes feature the Abbe optical design

The set of available functions and research methods depends on the model: The junior ones only support the basic methods, while the senior models provide more options. Some options are only available with additional equipment.

Biological microscopes

Equipped with plan achromatic optics, LED illumination, and an intelligent lighting system; they provide 40–1000x magnification as a standard.

Biological microscopes with a built-in digital camera

Models with binocular heads, built-in 8MP cameras, coded revolving nosepieces, an intelligent lighting system, LED illumination, and standard magnification of 40–1000x.

Biological inverted microscope

Binocular microscope for studying specimens in laboratory glassware with a height of up to 75mm with the condenser installed and up to 187mm with the condenser removed. There is an intelligent lighting control system (the revolving nosepiece is coded), the illumination is provided by an LED, and the condenser is supplemented with a phase slider.

Fluorescence microscope

Trinocular model with an intelligent lighting system and two fluorescence filters, blue and green. Fluorescence is available in reflected light; brightfield in transmitted light. Standard magnification is 40–1000x; LED illumination. The revolving nosepiece is coded.

Metallurgical inverted microscope

Trinocular microscope with a Bertrand lens and stage with up to 30 kg load capacity. In the basic configuration, it provides a magnification of 50–1000x and supports work in the brightfield and darkfield methods, in polarized light, using DIC.

Polarizing microscope

Trinocular microscope with tilt adjustment of eyepiece tubes and plan semi-apochromatic objectives. Brightfield and polarization methods are available for reflected and transmitted light. Strain-free optics. Magnification: 50–500x in basic configuration. Equipped with 100W halogen light sources.

Stereoscopic microscopes

Stereomicroscopes with an Abbe optical design provide a large field of view, no field distortion, display authentic colors, and form equally sharp and clear images in eyepieces and on a digital camera. Models A6, A8, and A10 are equipped with illuminators for transmitted and reflected (oblique) light, model A18T – only transmitted light.

All MAGUS microscopes are available here.

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