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Ermenrich measuring tools: rangefinders, laser meters, laser levels as well as humidity and gas detectors


Dear customers and visitors,

Levenhuk has added 24 new Ermenrich measuring tools to the product catalog. These devices are useful in professional civil engineering, and many of them are also suitable for home and garden applications during renovation or landscaping.

Rangefinders and laser meters can help you take the necessary measurements quickly and accurately. Three Ermenrich site laser rangefinders have been added to our product range – these are the 6x magnification monoculars that can measure distance, angles, and speed. Laser meters are laser-based devices designed to measure lengths, volume, and area; some of them can also measure angles. All of the laser meters include an indirect calculation function using the Pythagorean theorem that makes it easier to work in difficult conditions.


Laser levels can help you level surfaces perfectly and mark out lines as accurately as possible – the key to effective solutions for almost any building, decorating, or landscaping task. The Ermenrich laser levels are available with red and green lasers and, depending on the model, they generate from 2 to 12 lines. You can choose the device either powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB as well as a level with a remote control.

The new products listed below are designed for specific professional tasks. Moisture detectors and thickness gauges are useful when working with different types of material, optical levels help to detect and correct even minor errors, and gas detectors can easily identify the source of a gas leak.

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