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Levenhuk news: January 2023


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We are pleased to share the latest news about the Levenhuk company and the events that took place around the world.

New Ermenrich products

  • Tape measures. Classic tape measures in brushed steel in a shockproof case. It is a must-have household tool for taking measurements of furniture, decor, and appliances as well as during repairs.
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  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) devices. These are moisture detectors, gas detectors, thickness gauges, and optical levels — the measurement techniques of these tools will not cause damage to the object or its coating.
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  • Laser levels. These devices can help you level surfaces perfectly. Depending on the model, they generate from 2 to 12 lines with red and green lasers and are powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery.
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  • Rangefinders and laser meters. Rangefinders are perfect for measuring from medium to long distances. They can measure distance, angles, and speed. Laser meters can measure not only the length of objects and distances but also calculate the volumes and areas.
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New Levenhuk products

  • Levenhuk Guard. Binoculars with built-in rangefinders. They can measure distances, angles, and have a target priority function. These devices are ideal for multiple tasks while hunting, camping, and patrolling territory and borders.
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  • Levenhuk Fatum. Thermo vision riflescopes. They work well at medium and long distances, provide optical and digital magnification, and can be used in any light conditions — day, dusk, and night.
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  • Levenhuk LX. Laser rangefinders are available for purchase now! There are three models with different measuring ranges. The other features are standard — they can measure distance, angles, and speed as well as have several other functions.
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  • Levenhuk Wezzer Tick, Teo, and SN. Levenhuk Wezzer product lines of meteorological tools, clocks, thermometers, and sauna timers are out now. Seven new products are already available to order!
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  • Levenhuk Wise 8x32 monocular. There is a new review on the compact and lightweight Levenhuk Wise 8x32 monocular. The fans of outdoor activities will like this convenient and lightweight optical device — ideal for bird watching and studying architecture as well as for sightseeing tours and hikes.
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  • Levenhuk Wise 8x42 monocular. The monocular offers a combination of powerful magnification, compact size, and bright and contrasting images. The comfortable eyecup can be twisted up to find a comfortable position, and the large focusing wheel enables you to adjust sharpness with just one hand.
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  • Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x42 monocular. This monocular is a rare design of a monocular with a winged eyecup. The video shows its main features as well as useful tips.
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  • Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 telescope. It is a small and large-aperture refractor with fully coated optics for near-space and terrestrial observation. The Levenhuk Skyline Travel 80 review talks about the package, features of the model, and offers tips on how to use the device.
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Levenhuk around the world

Levenhuk is constantly growing and evolving by covering new territories, improving Levenhuk products and making them even better. “Levenhuk around the world” is exactly where you can find all of the most important and the most interesting news and publications about Levenhuk from all over the world.

Currently, high-quality Levenhuk optical products are already available in 43 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa.

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