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34 new MAGUS brand products available for purchase: professional microscopes and accessories


Dear customers and visitors,

We are pleased to announce the release of 19 microscopes and 15 accessories from the MAGUS brand. The brand’s equipment is aimed at professionals working in various fields of science: medicine, biotechnology, forensics, pharmaceuticals, geology, etc. The wide model range makes it easy to select the right instrument for scientific and diagnostic research and training of young specialists.

Biological microscopes

Microscopes of this class are used for studying smears and thin sections in brightfield studies in transmitted light (upright microscopes) as well as for studying biological samples in laboratory glassware (inverted microscopes).

Microscopes with achromatic objectives, halogen, and LED light sources as well as a binocular or trinocular head for brightfield studies in transmitted light (installation of additional accessories will allow the use of darkfield, polarized light, and phase contrast microscopy techniques):

Microscopes similar to the above-mentioned but with plan achromatic optics:

Microscopes with plan achromatic optics, LED and halogen illuminators, and a trinocular head for brightfield and phase contrast microscopy techniques in a basic configuration:

Metallurgical microscopes

A type of microscopes for studying metals, alloys, semiconductors, and paint coatings. All of these microscopes support the brightfield and polarized light microscopy techniques. The Metal 600 microscope has two illuminators – transmitted and reflected light; the other metallurgical microscopes are only equipped with reflected light sources.

Upright microscopes for studying thin sections:

Inverted microscope for working with large and heavy opaque objects:

Fluorescence microscopes

Fluorescence microscopy is based on the ability of certain objects to glow when exposed to light of a certain wavelength. They can glow on their own or under the influence of fluorochromes. In fluorescent light, the fine details of samples become more visible, and the resolution of the microscope increases. The main areas of application of such microscopes are chromosome analysis, DNA analysis, and the study of pathogens such as tuberculosis and other diseases.

Upright microscopes for studying flat objects using fluorescence microscopy in reflected light and the brightfield microscopy (darkfield, polarization, and phase contrast are available with the use of optional accessories) in transmitted light:

Polarizing microscopes

Polarization microscopy is used for studying anisotropic geological and biological objects. Two models are available in the brand’s line: transmitted light microscope and both transmitted and reflected light microscope. Areas of use: crystallography, mineralogy, petrography, ore studies, forensics, etc.

Stereoscopic microscope

A microscope that forms a realistic three-dimensional image with a large depth of field is the optimal choice for soldering, service repairs, jewelry making, and other areas of use where it is important to see the relief of the studied surface and to manipulate the object during observations. The microscope enables brightfield observations and can be equipped with a device for polarized light microscopy technique. There are two light sources – transmitted and reflected light.


Among the new arrivals are achromatic and plan achromatic lenses of various magnifications. They provide extra magnification within the microscope’s magnification range.


Eyepieces are used to maximize the potential of the working lens. The brand’s line includes the basic eyepieces, eyepieces with diopter adjustment, and an eyepiece with a measuring scale.

Darkfield, polarized light, and phase contrast devices

Many microscopes of the brand support the installation of additional accessories: condensers, darkfield sliders, polarization, and phase contrast devices. This allows for using additional observation techniques.

The brand’s stock will soon be replenished with even more new products. We are expecting the arrival of digital cameras, LCD monitors, adapters, and digital microscopes. Follow the news so that you don’t miss out on new products!

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