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New products – new arrivals of Ermenrich tools


Dear customers and visitors,

our assortment has been expanded with 31 models of measuring tools by Ermenrich. The upgrade includes industrial endoscopes, digital measuring wheels, stud detectors, network testing tools, etc. All of the items are already available!

Industrial endoscopes

The endoscope is an essential tool for inspecting hard-to-reach arrears. These are used to inspect sewage pipes, drains, wall structures, trucks, household appliances, engines, turbines, etc. The device will come in handy in everyday life and for professional purposes.

Digital measuring wheels

Digital measuring wheels are designed for measuring distances. The device is convenient for measuring different landscapes: flat and straight, curved, and area with elevation changes. You can use it indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for both home and professional use.

Tape measures

The range of tape measures has been expanded with two new models.

Ermenrich Reel BD30 is a GPS Land Meter that is designed for measuring a plot of land of any shape and terrain. It may include agricultural land, orchards, forests, water areas, industrial warehouses, beaches, etc.

Ermenrich Reel SLR640 Laser Tape Measure can measure the length, height, and width of an object, structure, or plot of land and quickly calculate its area and volume. It is a practical tool used for renovation and construction work and interior decoration, carpentry and woodworking, equipment installation, and many other activities.

Stud detectors

Ermenrich Ping stud detectors ensure the safety of repair, construction, and electrical installation work. They are used for locating concealed wood and metal studs as well as electrical wires in walls. Depth and available detection modes may vary depending on the model.

We also have a wire tracker and underground wire locators now. The wire tracker can find de-energized and energized cables, i.e. it can be used to trace cables hidden under plaster, map cable lines, find drilling locations, etc. Underground wire locators are designed to detect cables that are buried deep in the ground or hidden in walls as well as locate gas and water pipes, fuses, and switchboards.

Optical multimeters

Optical multimeter is a must-have tool for specialists in designing, laying, and installation of fiber optic communication lines. The devices support six wavelengths as well as FC, SC, and ST connectors. Some models have a VFL function. It is used to locate broken cables or find a certain specific cable. 

Network testing tools

Ermenrich NetGeeks network testing tools are designed for checking network cables, locating open circuits, and measuring the length of a cable. The new huge range of tools is useful for anyone who installs, troubleshoots, or maintains computer networks and telephone lines, but it can also be used for household needs.

Other new devices

Ermenrich Zing TC20 Digital Multimeter

  • Without rotary dial, the measuring limit is set automatically
  • DC/AC voltage measurement, DC/AC current measurement, resistance, capacitance
  • Wire mapping mode, diodes test, NCV test
  • True RMS method that improves the accuracy of AC current and AC voltage measurements

Ermenrich Seek TV50 Thermal Camera

  • 32x32px thermal imaging sensor and 2Mpix camera, adjustable emissivity
  • 7 color palettes, 4 modes, including the fusion of visible and IR image
  • High measurement accuracy ranging from −20 to +400°C (−4 to +752°F)
  • Image capture function, the data is stored on a memory card
  • Shockproof body, powered by a rechargeable battery

Ermenrich Ping ES20 Wall Pipe Blockage Detector

  • Inspecting pipes made of different materials: metal and non-metal pipes
  • A remote waterproof probe designed for the inspection of pipes up to 20 meters long (65ft)
  • The maximum distance for the receiver to read the signal from the probe: 150mm (for metal pipes) and 400mm (for non-metal pipes)
  • Audible and light alerts when a blockage is detected, receiver sensitivity adjustments
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery

Ermenrich Tunn PD20 Electric Screwdriver

  • 4 steel bits with magnetic tips
  • Two rotation directions: forward and backward
  • Motor protection: auto-off after 2 minutes of continuous operation
  • 3-LED backlight for work in low-light conditions
  • Battery powered, fully charged via USB Type-C cable in less than 70 minutes