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Twenty-six new Ermenrich products: electrical testers, stud detectors, moisture detectors, digital levels, angle finders, and laser meters


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Meet 26 new Ermenrich measuring tools: laser meters, socket testers, stud detectors, auto testers, voltage testers, moisture detectors, digital levels, and angle finders. Already available for orders on our website and in our partners’ stores.

Laser meters

Ermenrich Reel GA50 Laser Meter is part of the Ermenrich Reel product line that offers devices of various types and applications. With Ermenrich Reel GA50 Laser Meter, you can take linear and distance measurements up to 50m as well as perform calculations based on intermediate points and calculate volumes and areas. It is possible to save the measurements in the memory of the device.

Moisture detectors

The Ermenrich Wett line has been expanded with three new models: two pin-type detector Ermenrich Wett MW10 Moisture Detector and Ermenrich Wett MW30 Moisture Detector as well as a non-contact moisture detector Ermenrich Wett MW40 Moisture Detector. All of them have compact designs, can work with different types of wood and building materials, and they only slightly differ in functionality.

Stud detectors

The new Ermenrich Ping line includes stud detectors that are essential for safe construction and installation works at the jobsite, especially those involving electrical systems. The devices detect concealed live electrical wires, metal and wooden studs in the walls, and even differentiate non-ferrous from ferrous metals. The models differ in detection depth and operation modes.

Electrical testers

Ermenrich Zing is another update. It includes socket testers for checking the proper installation of wall sockets, auto and battery testers that help you diagnose the condition of a car battery, and voltage testers that check for open circuits in the AC power supply.

Digital levels and angle finders

Ermenrich Verk is another new product line that features digital angle finders and digital levels of different measuring ranges and accuracy. The models differ in the number of bubble levels, magnetic bases, water protection class, and extra features.

The full catalog of Ermenrich measuring tools can be found here.

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